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Germany: Law on civil protection and federal disaster aid

As far as the implementation of this law is incumbent on the states including the municipalities and municipal associations, they act on behalf of the federal government. Unless otherwise specified, the responsibilities of the authorities and the administrative procedure are based on the provisions of the federal states that apply to disaster control.

The administrative tasks of the federal government according to this law are assigned to the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief. The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief is responsible in particular:

1. the support of the competent highest federal authorities with a uniform civil defense planning,
2. a) the instruction of personnel dealing with questions of civil defense as well as the training of executives and trainers of the disaster control in the context of their civil defense tasks,
b) the development of training content for civil protection, including self-protection,
c) the support of the municipalities and municipal associations in the fulfillment of the tasks according to ยง 5 Paragraph 1 of this Act,
3. participation in warning the population,
4. Informing the population about civil protection, in particular about protection and assistance options.
5. the task for technical-scientific research in consultation with the federal states, the evaluation of research results as well as the collection and evaluation of publications in the field of civil defense.
6. the testing of equipment and resources intended exclusively or predominantly for civil defense as well as participation in the approval, standardization and quality assurance of these objects.

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