Why do smileys have no noses?




Smileys (in "technical language" they are sometimes also called "emoticons") are the "faces of the Internet" and a child of the early years of e-mail communication.

Faces of the internet

Scott E. Fahlman is now officially regarded as the "father" of smileys. On September 19, 1982, he published his statement in a forum post that the combination of characters "colon, dash, bracket" should indicate a contribution that should not be taken too seriously. Correspondingly, the opposite should apply to "colon, dash, open bracket".

Fahlman may be the first in terms of smiley definition, but he is probably not the real inventor, because American Kevin MacKenzie first used a smiley in an email in April 1979. However, it only consisted of "dash, clip closed" (a kind of smiling smiley without eyes) and should mean "tongue in cheek", which in German means something like "ironic" or "not meant seriously".

A (certainly incomplete) collection

Of course, in netplanet The famous smileys are not missing, which have been included from the start in the form of my small smiley collection. I found this a few years ago in English on the Internet and translated it into German. In the course of time, a considerable number of boulders have been added.

If you can't imagine the combination of "colon, dash, bracket", you should put your head 90 degrees to the left on your shoulder and with a little imagination the three characters will turn into a smiling face. :-)

BESIMS SMILEY COLLECTION ---------------------------------------------- -------------- UR-SMILEY -) Invented by Kevin MacKenzie in 1979 in an email. This smiley face without eyes should mean "tongue in cheek", which translated means something like "ironic", "joking" or "not meant seriously". Without eyes but somehow not quite smiley-like ... -------------------------------------- ---------------------- BASIC SMILIES The basic faces are just as simple as they are quite trite. There is almost no email left without one of these faces. :-) The basic smiley. This smiley underlines a sarcastic or not very serious utterance, as you cannot express an emphasis with EDI. :-))) extremely wide grin ;-) Winking smiley. User just tried to flirt and / or made a provocative remark. ("You don't want to blame me for that, do you?") :-( Unsettled smiley. User doesn't like this last comment and may be angry about it, or is depressed.: - | Undifferentiated smiley. Not as negative as the predecessor, but also not indicative of satisfaction.: -> User just made an angry remark and is thievingly happy about it. (Also devilishly sly); -> Winking and sly in combination. (Refers to a very suggestive comment) - -------------------------------------------------- -------- STRENGTHENED BASIC SMILIES Of course, the basic smileys are also like to be tightened a little and thus their meaning is increased. These are the maximum increases (you can of course increase them even further by repeating individual characters of the smiley) ): :-D User laughs out loud (about you?!?)>: -> User makes someone EXTREMELY angry or bitterly sarcastic Comment. Already borders on an outrageousness. >; -> With a twinkle in the eye and cunning IN THE HIGHEST DIMENSIONS ---------------------------------------- -------------------- SPECIAL SMILIES So these are the classic smileys, we now come to the special ... (-: User is left-handed% -) User has At least 15 hours. The user is a pipe smoker or constantly asking questions O-) Executor on patrol or user is a diver, welder or tank driver O :-) User is an angel / saint :-P User sticks out his tongue: -S User just made one incoherent comment: -X The user's lips are sealed (forever?): -C User is a poor sausage <|-) user="" ist="" chinese=""><|-( user="" ist="" vielleicht="" chinese,="" hasst="" aber="" diese="" art="" späße="" :-/="" user="" ist="" skeptisch="" c=":-)" user="" ist="" der="" chef="" (oder="" koch)="" @="User" ist="" für="" den="" atomkrieg=""><:-) user="" trägt="" eine="" nikolaus-mütze="" :-o="" "uh="" oh!"="" oder="" in="" deutsch="" auch:="" "boahh!"="" (8-o="" das="" ist="" mr.="" bill!="" *:o)="" ...und="" bozo="" der="" clown!="" 3:]="" verkniffener="" smiley="" 3:[="" noch="" verkniffener="" smiley="" d8="Mein" zahmer="" biber="" trägt="" eine="" schutzbrille="" und="" stahlhelm="" e-:-)="" user="" ist="" möchtegern-dj="" :-9="" user="" befeuchtet="" sich="" die="" lippen="" (lechz)="" %-6="" user="" ist="" gehirntot="" [:-)="" user="" trägt="" einen="" walkman="" (:i="" user="" ist="" ein="" eierkopf=""><:-i user="" ist="" ein="" dummkopf="" k:p="" user="" ist="" ein="" kleines="" kind="" mit="" einem="" propellerhut="" c:-)="" user="" trägt="" einen="" turban="" :-0="" ruhe!="" :-:="" mutierter="" smiley="" der="" unsichtbare="" smiley="" .-)="" user="" ist="" einäugig="" (oder="" pirat)="" ,-)="" einäugig="" und="" zwinkert="" mit="" dem="" auge="" x-(="" user="" ist="" soeben="" verstorben="" 8="" :-)="" user="" ist="" ein="" zauberer/hexer="" ------------------------------------------------------------="" knirps-smilies="" eine="" ganze="" reihe="" dieser="" smileys="" können="" durch="" das="" weglassen="" der="" 'nase'="" verniedlicht="" werden.="" okay,="" die="" kiddy-smilies="" haben="" auch="" etwas="" mit="" faulheit="" zu="" tun...="" :)="" smileyknirps="" :]="" gleep...="" ein="" freundlicher="" knirpssmiley="" möchte="" dein="" freund="" werden=")" andere="" variation="" :}="" frech="" grinsender="" knirpssmiley="" :)="" glücklicher="" knirpssmiley="" :=""> mischievous toddler smiley: D laughing toddler smiley: I thoughtful toddler smiley :( sad toddler smiley: [pretty finished toddler smiley:< zorniger="" oder="" unzufriedener="" knirpssmiley="" :{="" abwartender="" knirpssmiley="" :o="" schreiender="" knirpssmiley="" :c="" trotziger="" knirpssmiley="" :q="" beleidigter="" knirpssmiley="" :,(="" weinender="" knirpssmiley="" []="" umarmung="" :*="" küsse="" |i="" schlafender="" knirpssmiley="" |^o="" schnarchender="" knirpssmiley="" ------------------------------------------------------------="" japanische-smileys="" japanische="" surfer="" haben="" (um="" wohl="" ihre="" existenz="" im="" netz="" zu="" zeigen?)="" ihre="" eigenen="" emoticons="" zusammengebastelt.="" interessant="" ist,="" daß="" man="" für="" alle="" japanischen="" smileys="" den="" kopf="" nicht="" hart="" nach="" links="" klappen="" muss.="" (^_^)="" männlicher="" smiley="" mit="" "schlitzaugen"="" (^o^;="">) apologetic smiley ('>' is the scratching hand on the back of the head) (^. ^) female smiley (women don't show their teeth) (^^;) smiley with cold sweat (admittedly, something fictitious) (^ o ^) happier Smiley (* ^ _ ^ *) excited smiley (-_-;) The classic (Japanese) sweater smiley \ (^ _ ^) / male Banzai smiley ('\' and '/' are arms held high) \ (^ . ^) / female Banzai smiley (TT) crying smiley (^ - ^) / ~ smiling smiley with towel waving ------------------------- ----------------------------------- SUPER SPECIAL SMILEYS Continue with special EmotIcons (some of these special -Faces you should perhaps have the explanation ready for those asking ...):: -` Smiley spitting out his chewing tobacco: -1 Smiley with a gentle facial expression: - @ Smiley face to die for: - # | Smiley with a bushy mustache: - $ Smiley face with pressed lips: -% Smiley is a tough 'banker': -6 Smiley who has eaten something sour: ^) Smiley with a pointed nose (right): -7 Smiley with a distorted facial expression 8-) Swimming smiley : - * Smiley after enjoying something bitter: - & speechless smiley: -0 speaker smiley (:-( frozen smiley (:-) big-faced smiley) :-( not smiling big-faced smiley) 8-) scuba smiley big-face = :-) Punk with two (!) Hair = :-( (real punk never smile) + :-) Priest smiley: -q Smiley trying to stick his tongue into his nose: -e disappointed smiley: -t cross smiley: - i half smiley: -o smiley, singing the national anthem (guaranteed American!): - [wooden head smiley annoying: -] wooden head smiley smiling: - {variation: -} ditto {:-) smiley face with middle parting} :-) as above, but uncombed : -a awkward smiley tries to touch his nose with his tongue : -s smiley after a bizarre expression: -d awkward smiley that 'teases' you: -j smiley smiling to the left: - \ undifferentiated smiley: - | "Wish-you-'nen-boring-day" smiley ;-) winking smiley: -< sehr="" trauriger="" smiley="" :-x="" "meine-lippen-sind-versiegelt"-smiley="" :-c="" ausgestoßener="" smiley="" :v)="" smiley="" mit="" nach="" links="" zeigender="" nase="" :-b="" links="" punktierter="" zungensmiley="" :-b="" smiley,="" dessen="" zunge="" nach="" links="" zeigt="" :-/="" linkischer,="" unentschiedener="" smiley="" .-]="" einäugiger="" smiley="" ,-}="" blinzelnder="" und="" verzerrter="" smiley="" :-=")" älterer="" smiley="" mit="" schnurrbart="" :u)="" smiley="" mit="" lustig="" aussehender="" linker="" nase="" :n)="" smiley="" mit="" lustig="" aussehender="" rechter="" nase="" ------------------------------------------------------------="" do="" you="" understand="" this?="" ohne="" plausible="" übersetzung="" (verstehe="" einer="" die="" amerikaner).="" deshalb="" habe="" ich="" die="" folgenden="" smileys="" komplett="" übernommen,="" weil="" noch="" nicht="" einmal="" erkennbar="" ist,="" was="" smiley="" und="" erklärung="" ist.="" :-).ha="" ha...ssss:-(.net.flame="" |-).hee="" hee...o="" |-).net.religion="" |-d.ho="" ho="" :-="">.hey hey ... 8: -I.net.unix-wizards :-(. boo hoo ... X - (. net.suicide: -I.hmm ... E -: - I.net.ham- radio: -O.uh oh ...>: - I.net.startrek: -P.nyah nyah .. 3: o [.net.pets | -P .- (black eye! - | Cylons from "Battlestar Galactica "!. 'v Flachkopf (profile)! | :-() knocked out by a baseball bat # -) through the night # :-)" You-have-no-idea! "# :-) People with disheveled hair $ -) Yuppie $ -) Lotto winner% * @ :-( hungover% *} fully drunk% - (disoriented% -6 brain dead% - (I) convulsive laugh &. (.. crying $ :-) curly hair `-) with a wink (-.-) Zzz ... sleeping (-: left-handed (-: | :-) Siamese twins (-_-) furtively smile (OO) the naked A **** show 8-) people who wear glasses (:-) with Helmet *! # *! ^ * & :-) Schizophrenic *<:-) santa="" claus=""><:>{)} The Nikolaus + - (:-) spiritual head O :-) Angel: - * kiss smiley: * kisses: -> really happy: - @ screaming: -e disappointed: -p ~ chain smoker?: - | clueless @> -> --- Rose ~<(:-{ dir="" brennt="" doch="" der="" helm="" :-:="" "two-face"="" æ\|\:-}="" elektroniker="" c="}">; * {)) Mega smiley ... (drunk boss with a messy toupee, mustache and double chin) ---------------------------- -------------------------------- VIP-SMILIES As a very special "treat" there are fixed EmotIcons for VIPs (Very Important Persons): 3: -C Elvis Presley \: - | Mr. Spock: - [] Mick Jagger ----------------------------------------- -------------------

You can also view this collection as a plain text file.

Of course, this is not a complete list of all smileys in the world. Smileys arise from the creativity of their users and new creations and modifications arise every day. If you also collect smileys and would like to add some smileys to this humble collection, please feel free to send me feedback. :-)