What are the sources of travel law

Travel law

The Travel law is divided into several sub-areas:

  • European regulations e.g. B. Information obligations of tour operators and travel agencies, passenger regulation overbooking, delay and cancellation regulation, package travel guideline
  • international treaties and agreements e.g. B. Montreal Convention on Air Traffic
  • national law z. B. §§ 31b ff Consumer Protection Act KSchG


The right to travel can be found in

  • Provisions for the tour operator contract in §§ 31b – 31f of the Consumer Protection Act KschG
  • Ordinance exercise regulations for the travel agency trade AusRbV
  • Travel Agency Security Ordinance RSV
  • various provisions of the General Civil Code | General Civil Code ABGB

The following should be noted: the legislature uses slightly different explanations for the definitions of terms in these standards; this repeatedly leads to problems with the interpretation.

In addition, the ARB 1992 as amended in 2001 regulate the conditions between customers and travel agents - tour operators.

So far, only the following has demonstrably been significant in travel law and the processing of complaints about defects:

  • the so-called Frankfurt table and
  • the “Vienna List”, printed in Lindinger / Scheibenpflug, Reiserechtsprozess 2006; Updated annually in the "Zeitschrift für Verkehrsrecht".

On the basis of several hundred court judgments on practically every conceivable lack of travel from A as in ants in the hotel room to Z as in drafts in a restaurant, these works offer judgments with date and file number or guideline percentage values ​​for compensation rates from the title of the warranty.


In April 2010, large parts of the airspace over Europe were closed to air traffic due to an actual or feared ash cloud. Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull 2010. As a result, tens of thousands of travelers "stranded" at airports or were unable to take their booked flights. This major loss, unique in the history of aviation - a case of force majeure - drew general interest to the subject of "travel law". See e.g. http://www.rp-online.de/reise/ratgeber/Reiserecht-in-Zeiten-der-Aschewolke_aid_860050.html rp-online.de Rheinische Post of May 21, 2010, page A8



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Web links

  • von Göler, BGB. Online commentary http://bgb.kommentar.de/Buch-2/Abschnitt-8/Titel-9/Untertitel-2 Free online BGB commentary on § 651, travel law.
  • http://www.reiserecht-fuehrich.de/ CCR, Competenz Centrum Reiserecht at the Kempten University of Applied Sciences
    http://www.dgfr.de/ DGfR, German Society for Travel Law e.V.
  • http://www.reiserechtsforum.eu/ European travel law forum
  • http://www.jura.uni-bielefeld.de/Lehrstuehle/Staudinger/Institute_Projekte/Reiserecht/index.html Research Center for Travel Law, Bielefeld University
  • http://www.reiserecht-web.de/ Reiserecht from Prof. Führich, FH Kempten
  • http://www.reisemangel.de/ Travel law for travelers
  • http://www.iftta.org/ International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates
  • http://www.reiserechts-register.de/ Collection of German judgments on travel law
  • http://www.geld-magazin.info/verbübersrecht/reiserecht-meine-rechte-bei-reisemangel Specialist article on travel law by attorney Hüttemann

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