Can you juggle

Juggling: You can do that too!

Approach slowly

Every beginning is difficult - but not with juggling. Because to get a feeling for the right movement, you start very relaxed with just one ball. Take the ball in your hand and throw it upwards at a slight angle. At the beginning you shouldn't throw too high - it reaches slightly above head height. Then you catch the ball with your other hand. Hold it for a moment, then toss it back up to catch it with your other hand. Tip from the expert: Don't watch the ball all the time, just follow the upper trajectory. If you catch the ball safely 20 times in a row, you can increase the level of difficulty and add a second ball.

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Relaxing brain jogging

Juggling is not only great fun, it is also good brain training. Because playing with the balls is not just about skill, but also about coordination and concentration. You sharpen your perception and, by the way, also reduce stress hormones. The rhythmic movements of throwing and catching also ensure that the body and brain are well supplied with blood and oxygen. And don't worry, even if it doesn't work out so quickly at the beginning: If you practice diligently, you will definitely get better. Promised!