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Open Stromer: 5 e-convertibles for the summer

Summer is just around the corner and with it the new convertible season. One in which too E-convertibles will play a role. When the asphalt shimmers again and the temperatures climb above 30 degrees - then at the latest it is time to fold the top back, put on your sunglasses and start off. In these five open electric vehicles do this without polluting the environment and your hair fluttering emission-free in the wind. From the first e-roadster to the classic electric convertible: these e-cars let you feel the summer breeze - whether on the way to the swimming lake, a jaunt in the urban area or trips with a stopover at an ice cream parlor. (Also read: Green and cheap - 5 e-cars for less than 20,000 euros)

Smart EQ fortwo Cabrio: compact e-car with convertible top

The battery status as well as heating and cooling can be controlled via an app in the smallest electric convertible, the Smart EQ fortwo convertible. 60 kilowatts sit on the rear axle and accelerate the 1,125 kilogram light Stromer to 100 km / h in twelve seconds.

With a single charge you can get up to 153 kilometers possible. After a 40-minute break at the charging station, the Smart is 80 percent charged. The 22 kilowatt on-board charger required for this, however, costs extra. The standard equipment includes the Smart EQ fortow Cabrio from a price of 25,200 euros. With the 6,000 euros environmental bonus deducted, this convertible is even less than 20,000 euros. All Smart models work keyless and are therefore suitable for private car sharing. With the "ready to share" app, the owner can set the fare per minute and share the costs with all users. Formula 1 world champion and GQ Man of the Year Lewis Hamilton has also switched to an electric smart.

Bluesummer: the electric beach car

Pack your swimming trunks and jump into the (electric) convertible. This slightly modified line of the song could be the motto of the bluesummer. And the Wannsee is not an unrealistic destination, at least from Berlin. In the city should 200 kilometers range be possible, at least 100 at higher speeds. Berlin bathers can therefore safely travel to the extreme southwest and back.

Visually, the bluesummer is reminiscent of a beach buggy - without side window panes, it is the ideal beach car. There is space for up to four people. The Frenchman doesn't turn into an e-convertible just by folding down the roof, no, the roof of the Bluesummer can be completely removed. 50 kilowatts accelerate the minimalist open Stromer to a maximum of 120 km / h. In France, this e-convertible can be found in some fleets of car sharing providers. If you want to buy the bluesummer, you pay again just over 20,000 euros. For this price it offers manageable facilities, but no one will be missing anything on a trip to the beach.

Jaguar E-Type Zero: Classic car convertible with an electric motor

Classic on the outside, modern on the inside. Classic cars crackle, swallow a lot of fuel and blow huge amounts of pollutants into the air - the Jaguar E-Type Zero does not. The internal combustion engine was replaced here by an almost 300 hp electric motor. (You can find more such conversion examples here: Classic meets modern - 6 oldtimers with electric motors)

The vehicle's performance has not suffered as a result. With 5.5 seconds from zero to one hundred, the E-Type Zero is even one second faster than the original. He has a range of about 270 kilometers and should originally go into series production soon; with LED headlights and touchscreen at a starting price of over 300,000 euros. But now Jaguar has announced that it will stick with the prototype. Only those who already own an old Jaguar can have it converted.

Fiat 500e: an electric convertible at the push of a button

Fiat announced an electric 500 almost a decade ago. At that time, the vehicles were offered in small numbers exclusively in California. Fiat will also start selling a new version of the 500e in Europe this summer. A lot has changed visually and a folding roof has also been added.

The electric motor on the front axle has an output of 87 kilowatts (118 hp). The Italian accelerates to 100 km / h in nine seconds and reaches a maximum of 150 km / h. A 10-inch touchscreen and light-colored seat covers await in the interior. 320 kilometers range should be possible and can be charged to 80 percent in 35 minutes. The limited special model “La Prima” for 37,900 euros can be pre-ordered. However, according to brand director Luca Napolitano, it is already sold out in many countries. (Also read: Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e - This is how the Fiat classic car drives with an electric motor)

Tesla Roadster: the electric pioneer

Under four seconds to 100 km / h: The Tesla Roadster was the first electric car to shine with outstanding acceleration. With laptop batteries and a body from the British sports car manufacturer Lotus. An additional highlight: the Targa roof. (Also interesting: This is what the Porsche 911 Targa looks like in the Heritage Design Edition)

Eight years ago, a range of 340 kilometers and 300 hp were the absolute exception for electric cars and these values ​​are still competitive today. Elon Musk wants to set the bar even higher: this year he presented the new edition. The new roadster from Tesla should accelerate to 100 km / h in 2.1 seconds, reach over 400 km / h at the top and have a range of up to 1,000 kilometers to have. It should roll to dealers by 2022 at the latest. With a price tag of $ 250,000 However, the entry price has almost doubled compared to the first roadster. The first Tesla Roadster can be bought used today for less than 70,000 euros.