Is it possible to do telekinesis?


Let a chair fly through the air through sheer concentration or bend a spoon with willpower - this should be possible through psychokinesis. The artist Uri Geller, for example, delights an audience of millions on TV with his alleged psychokinetic abilities. But does psychokinesis really exist?

Psychokinesis or telekinesis describes the supposed movement of objects through sheer mental power or through supernatural abilities. The word "telekinesis" is made up of the Greek word "tele" (German: "fern)" and "kinese" ("movement"), while psychokinesis is perhaps to be understood as a generic term for comparable psi phenomena.

This includes, for example, pyrokinesis - this is the ability to light a fire using the power of thought, basically similar to Harry Potter, only without a magic wand. Cryokinesis, on the other hand, is the ability to freeze water (like the X-Man "Iceman" can). Aerokinesis describes the ability to influence the air.

Does Psychokinesis Really Work?

There are actually various documented cases of alleged psychokinesis, but whether it really is the use of thought power has simply not been proven. Numerous experiments were carried out in the 1970s, a real heyday of parapsychology: efforts were made to provide strictly scientific evidence, such as the physicist Helmut Schmidt, who developed a random generator with which he wanted to prove psychokinesis. Test subjects were asked to influence lights on the device that alternately light up in green and red, so that, for example, the red light would light up more frequently. In fact, there was a deviation - but whether this can be interpreted as evidence for psychokinesis is rather questionable. An analysis of a total of 380 studies on psychokinesis also came to the result that telekinesis and comparable abilities cannot be regarded as proven.

Psychokinesis: The Uri Geller Case

The best-known case in the matter of psychokinesis is probably the artist Uri Geller: He caused a sensation, especially in the 1970s, by bending spoons in front of the cameras - allegedly only with psychokinesis. Uri Geller claims that he has psychokinetic abilities: As a child, he says he was struck by a bright flash of light. At the lunch that followed, the soup spoon allegedly bent for the first time. At the European Football Championship in 1996, he even claims to have influenced a ball through psychokinesis. In addition to psychokinesis, Uri Geller also draws attention to himself with predictions and prophecies. Uri Geller's predictions have proven to be wrong in the past. Whether he really masters psychokinesis or just a good trick, only Uri Geller himself can answer this question.

Can you learn psychokinesis?

Many people who believe in psychokinesis assume that telekinesis and similar skills are basically given to everyone because they work with sheer thought power. According to this concept, psychokinesis is not a psychic ability. In order to learn psychokinesis, one simply has to train one's concentration accordingly. There are a few simple tests to find out if you have mastered psychokinesis and to train this power of thought, such as the dice test or the ball test, which are explained below.

Do you master psychokinesis?

If you want to find out whether telekinesis works for you, you can first try it out with the dice test: For this purpose, simply take a normal, commercially available dice. Now concentrate very intensely on the number that you want to roll. You shouldn't think of anything else! Now you roll 40 times. If you roll the correct number 15 times (or even more often), you can assume that you have at least a little bit of psychokinesis.

Another way to test whether psychokinesis is part of your skills is the so-called ball test. To do this, you simply place a round ball on a table that is very slightly inclined. The ball should now roll off the table very slowly. Now you try with all your willpower using psychokinesis to deflect the ball so that it rolls in a different direction. If you can do that, you likely have psychokinetic powers. If you want to improve your psychokinesis skills, you can try to let the ball roll up the slope or improve your result on the dice test.

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