What is the Trojan horse in blockchain

Bitcoin as the Trojan horse for cash abolition? Look at the big picture

Is Bitcoin, along with the other cryptocurrencies, the big "Trojan horse" for the abolition of cash? Dirk Müller clearly showed in a video from last week (see here) that he doesn't believe in Bitcoin. This most important of all crypto currencies is pure gamble - it could continue to rise sharply, or it could also fall into the abyss. Alexander Weipprecht from Krypto Magazin addressed several of Dirk Müller's points of criticism in the following current video, and partially agreed with him.

Is there a kind of conspiracy behind Bitcoin to make the citizen even more transparent and monitorable? Do the rich and powerful have a big plan with Bitcoin? I think Alexander Weipprecht goes into these topics very well and in detail. Super-rich and large asset managers would now, after years of watching, take advantage of the opportunities in Bitcoin by increasingly buying up Bitcoins. Bitcoin offers wealthy people who want to be mobile an excellent opportunity to move assets around the world in a matter of seconds. Another good example is Iran, which, according to Alexander Weipprecht, is trying to break away from the US dollar by exchanging oil for crypto currencies. See his interesting contribution here.

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