What does GG mean in Xanax

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All common drugs are available as original preparations or as imported generics in Mexico with the same active ingredient and the same concentration.

Renowned clinics also have an excellent selection of essential drugs. With common drugs in generic form, despite the same active ingredient and the same concentration, the same pharmacological intensity or duration is by no means always guaranteed because of the often missing certification of bioequivalence. If you are less familiar with medication or if you are staying outside of the big cities, it is advisable to bring sufficient supplies with you from Germany.

The price level is inconsistent, even generic drugs can be more expensive than in German pharmacies. As a rule, the common drugs are also available in Mexico's pharmacies without a prescription.
Antibiotics require a prescription.

Medicines that fall under the German Narcotics Act and psychotropic drugs

  • are generally only available on prescription
  • some German preparations are not always available nationwide


When traveling on vacation, take a sufficient supply of medication with you in the presence of a chronic illness with long-term medication (e.g. high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes - etc.)!
If a long-term stay is planned, you are welcome to obtain individual information from the regional doctor / RAD Mexico City.