How can I manifest a particular person

Manifest - A Guide

Is manifesting a spell or is it possible for everyone?

Manifest with thoughts


We are constantly manifesting with images and feelings that we generate with our thoughts.

means that you bring something into its reality, make it visible and tangible. Of course everyone wants to make their dream come true. Unfortunately, many manifest what you don't want.

A quantum physicist could give you that Process of Manifestingbest explain, because the manifestation is a physical process on the one hand and a psychological one on the other hand, to the extent that you increase your emotional vibrational frequency, what is related to your emotional world and that comes from your thoughts and can be controlled Your thoughts are controlled.

You see (or perceive) what is within your frequency range. If you no longer want to perceive something unpleasant for you, but instead want to perceive something beautiful, pleasant and desired, you have to change your frequency. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as with a radio, where you turn the channel selection button a little or press another channel on the remote control and you have already changed what you hear. When you only think about what you want, change the frequency of your vibration. It's not difficult to understand, but it takes a long time to implement, because it usually takes place gradually.

“And in the beginning was the Word,” it says in the Bible, and that's where I begin to explain the process of manifesting.

In the course "Success More Money" I explain this in more detail in several lessons and many pages. My explanation here should be sufficient, meaningful and helpful that you can work on yourself to achieve a change.

We think in pictures. When we hear words, we see pictures. What about when you're told not to think about a white elephant? Or an old tree with a thick trunk. When it comes to the word house, someone in Northern Europe will associate the word house with a different image than someone in Japan, and someone who grew up in a small single-family house would associate it with a different image than someone who was raised in an area where there was one stately villa on top of the other.

The images arouse feelings, whereby the feelings that differ from person to person due to a certain image, but also due to music, smells and tastes. What we have experienced, experienced and learned is stored in the programming of our subconscious (= part of the cell information). Even if one or the other is no longer consciously remembered, it affects you every step of the way.

Before I move on to the vibrational frequency, I need to consider a few other factors. There are negative thoughts, which may be aroused by something that you are not even consciously aware of, that are the killers for a beautiful and happy life. How do you eliminate negative thoughts, what do you do with unconscious, negative thoughts that keep dominating you. And when you hear the news with all that negative stuff ........ how can you only think about what you want. AND: Do you know what you really want?

All of these are the building blocks that are responsible for the frequency with which you vibrate. Your vibrational frequency changes within a certain range during a day and this range changes over the years. Whether it gets higher or deeper depends on each individual and, above all, on the extent to which he changes his programming and his emotional world.

Sometimes it's just a matter of tearing yourself out of your comfort zone to manifest multiple desires. Think about it! Go through your wish-list and ask yourself the question, "What do I have to do to manifest this object?" For example, if you want to live in the south, you have to find a new job there and quit the old one. You have to pack up your belongings and get rid of everything you are used to. This includes saying goodbye to friends and familiar places. Want to manifest something means to be ready for everything.


Manifesting goes hand in hand with change

I do everything right and still nothing changes in my life, readers write to me.

Here you will find the problem that keeps many of you from achieving your goals and manifesting all that you want. You have desires that you want to manifest, but you are not ready for all the necessary changes. When you change your frequency, a great deal changes in your life. Among other things, you need to break away from those friends that you have kept in your previous life. Yes, it's often friends who block you. You may also have to say goodbye to your beloved apartment and possibly move to another city. Listen to your inner voice and do what it tells you.

In order to manifest successfully, you must be ready for the necessary changes.

All of these play a role in manifesting. Manifesting has to be learned and practiced.

What is manifest and how does it work

Let us forget that there should be no matter and that everything is just an illusion. Or we can say that we are in an illusion in which we can see, hear, feel and touch things and then think that it is real. Everything we perceive to be real consists of subatomic particles that are in motion. These subatomic particles form atoms, these molecules, and these in turn form organisms.

The organisms or structures differ in their hardness, which results from the oscillation frequency of the subatomic particles (particles). However, one must not think of the subatomic particles as small dots, because they can also be waves and, for reasons that are still beyond description, can become particles and then again waves. There seems to be no visible transition for us, the change from particle to wave and back to particle seems to be erratic.

It all happens in the now. There should be no past and no future. But we cannot perceive everything at once. If that were possible we would go crazy. Imagine that you are a soldier in a French troop of Napoleon at the gates of Moscow, at the same time you are sitting behind your desk, traveling in a carriage to Italy and watching someone burn at the stake in Spain. And these are a few possibilities out of countless many that are happening in the now.

It is good that there is space, time and gravity and that we only consciously experience one life at a time. However, we have to manifest everything we need and everything we want. Oh yes, you have much of what surrounds you so far, and changes to your body too manifested, even if you didn't know the meaning of this word and how manifesting works.

We are constantly manifesting, but mostly unconsciously. Manifesting is related to thought. Just as we think around the clock but are not always aware of it, we manifest around the clock. Begin today to consciously manifest and change your life with it.

The tool for manifesting is the vibrational frequency. One can change one's vibrational frequency with the help of one's emotions.

There are innumerable possibilities of which only one is for a particular person becomes visible when this person is in a certain vibrational frequency that attracts that possibility that is in a specific vibrational frequency. These Vibration frequency is measured in Hertz.

If you want to listen to certain music and use a radio for it, you have to change the channel, that is, the frequency, which is given in Hertz. search. You will search a number of channels until you find the music you want to hear. A number of different audio impulses come from the radio. When we tune in to one channel, we don't hear any of the other channels even though they're there.

If you want to change something in your life, that is, to manifest a different situation, you have to change your vibrational frequency. As with the radio, where you do not hear the channels your radio is not tuned to, you do not see the opportunities that are not within the range of vibrational frequencies that you can perceive.

However, like a radio, we are not equipped with a control that we just have to turn to change the receiving channel. So how can we change the vibrational frequency to reflect the perceived reality in which we want to live?

How do you change your vibrational frequency to manifest your desired goals?

The Vibration frequency is controlled by our emotions. You have it I've probably seen enough times that when you are in a good mood everything works like clockwork, and when you are not feeling well, a lot goes wrong. Our feelings are the regulator for our vibrational frequency. (The word feeling is always used here as a state of mind that someone is in. I do not use the word emotions, because emotions are feelings turned outwards.)

Our feelings, that is, how we feel, change several times throughout the day. In some people, these changes are minimal and barely noticeable. With others, these feelings can fluctuate widely.

What triggers certain feelings?

Our feelings are influenced by many factors. These factors can be: thoughts, words, pitch, everything we see or perceive, images, smells, music, touch. This means that our feelings are influenced by our senses.

Our feelings can change when we think about something, when someone utters a word or phrase that evokes a memory, which then suddenly changes our feelings. The same thing happens with pictures, music, smells, tastes and also touch.

You will feel very good during and after a gentle touch. During and after a sudden firm touch, such as a slap in the face, you are bound to feel uncomfortable. However, the intention of touch is also important, because when you let yourself be massaged, a masseur works with gentle, almost caressing movements and also with firm strokes, and yet a massage is good for us.

Everyone has their own associations with images. Look for photos that evoke pleasant feelings in you. You can create a collage of your choice with pictures taken from magazines and brochures. You stick the pictures and photos on a hard background, for example a picture holder, and then place or hang them up where you often see them. You can also search for images online and make a video from them.

Words, spoken or read, also create feelings. These are also pictures, because we think in pictures.

Smells can also trigger pleasant to unpleasant feelings. Try one or a combination of aromatic oils. You will be amazed how much these can change your state of mind.

We can find music uncomfortable, but most of the time certain music evokes a certain memory and thus changes our feelings. The same can be achieved with different tastes. Certain foods and drinks evoke memories that we associate with certain feelings.

Can we consciously change our feelings and if so, how?

So we have a whole range of options, our feelings and thus the To change vibration frequency. Just try it. Remember when you felt good and think about whether these memories are associated with certain words, images, smells, tastes.

You have a wish, and perhaps one that you have had for years, but nothing has allowed you to fulfill that wish. And now you came across the word manifest and wanted to find out whether you can use manifesting to make that wish come true.

Find a photo that represents this wish for you. Hang it up so you can see it often. Look for a similar photo ohnline, save it and choose it as your wallpaper.

Write down affirmations that express the fulfillment of your wish and stick the piece of paper with the Affirmation on your desired collage.

Now think about how you will feel when you make this wish have met. To do this, fix a stimuluswith the help of which you can recall this feeling at any time. This stimulus should be easy to perform. For example, pinch the fingertips of a thumb with one finger. You have to repeat this several times. Do this several times over a few days until you get the Conditioned stimulus to have. From this point on, you can trigger the correct vibration frequency with the stimulus. If you do this more often and thus more often and for longer and longer periods of time at the vibration frequency that resembles the situation in which the wish is fulfilled, you will manifest your wish, that is, bring it into your reality, make it visible and tangible .

If you have a lot of beautiful pictures that represent your wish and you look at them from time to time and then read the affirmations, nothing will come of it if you do not simultaneously put yourself in the emotional state that is similar to the situation in which your wish is fulfilled is. Don't pretend that manifesting won't work for you. It would never occur to you to rant about the program on the radio. They know that all you have to do is turn a cog on the radio to find another station.

So, change your vibrational frequency, and whatever you wish to manifest, you will manifest with success.

Only a few are able to manifest at once. These are masters like Jesus, for example, who multiplied fish and bread in no time. So as you manifest something more often, you will practice manifesting and with each manifestation you will manifest faster and faster.

People who are trained in manifesting manifest some things in a matter of hours to days. It all depends on what it is about. You can manifest matter (objects, nature, animals, people) and situations. But situations are also a combination of the coming together of matter.

We are all part of a unity and I think that this unity is the universal consciousness. Each individual influences people who are close to them. This means that your charisma influences others and you are influenced by the charisma of the people and things around you. Think how you feel when you are in nature and, in contrast, how you feel when you are in a car during busy times. And think of how you feel when you are surrounded by good-humored people versus how you feel when you visit someone in the hospital.

Much can be written about manifesting, and there are many methods that aid in manifesting. This includes subliminals, among others. They are a great way to change part of the programming of your subconscious.