What is contemporary blues

Larry Garner - Bluesman (US) meets Norman Beaker Band (UK)

The guitarist, singer and blues poet LARRY GARNER (born 1952) from Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been hailed as the “best” contemporary songwriter of the blues (West Coast Blues Rev) at least since his groundbreaking album “YOU NEED TO LIVE A LITTLE (1995, Verve) .

Garner's interpretation of the blues sounds fresh and modern. Respect for the tradition and influences of the Swamp Blues old masters Silas Hogan and Clarence Edwards are reflected in Garner's music. Imitation and blueskish a la "whiskey and women" will be looked for in vain in his songs. Larry Garner has something to say - his topics are current and presented in an intelligent and typically sophisticated way. This has earned him the reputation of a modern “blues poet”. His musical trademark is the relaxed groove typical of Louisiana, gospel and soul-infected. Garner uses his fluid guitar playing discreetly and in a way that suits the song. Style and elegance are more important to him than string acrobatics (to be heard on his excellent current album "Here Today Gone Tomorrow", Dixiefrog) Larry Garner is one of the blues artists of the present who still follow the style of the Hang on to storytellers. The blues of the man from Baton Rouge is light-footed, melodious and mixes countless influences, from New Orleans to Chicago, from the west coast to the Louisiana swamp. Joke and the joy of playing are further trademarks.

This honest and in his own way unique artist has received numerous awards, of which he is particularly proud: the admission to the "Louisiana Music Hall of Fame" LARRY GARNER is definitely one of the 10 most important bluesmen of our time (Blues Revue, USA)

Norman Beaker, blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer who has been known in the British blues scene since 1970.The Norman Beaker Band tours regularly and has made recordings with many blues artists such as: Graham Bond, Jack Bruce, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Rogers, Alexis Korner Buddy Guy and BB King. Beaker tours regularly with Chris Farlowe and Van Morrison. As a session guitarist, he has been involved in numerous CD recordings with Jack Bruce, Lowell Fulson, James Booker and Van Morrison, among others.