How do I get foreign IT projects

Every fourth IT company relies on foreign specialists

  • IT projects are often handled in international cooperation
  • Especially experts within Europe are becoming more important

Berlin, February 19, 2015 - IT projects are already being carried out in international cooperation, but foreign experts will play an even greater role in the future. That is the result of a representative survey among 710 ICT companies on behalf of the digital association Bitkom. More than every fourth German IT company (26 percent) is currently working on projects with foreign specialists. Every fifth company (20 percent) relies on cooperation within Europe, about the same number (21 percent) cooperate with specialists outside Europe. "The IT industry is a global industry in which cooperation across company and national borders is particularly easy," says Bitkom President Prof. Dieter Kempf. “However, the figures also show that work can be relocated abroad if companies fail to find enough skilled workers in Germany. In the worst case, we will leave the great opportunities of the digital transformation to d! Conomy behind. "

According to the IT companies, more projects will be carried out in international cooperation in the future. Around every fourth company (23 percent) assumes that it will rely more on IT experts outside of Europe in the future. Only 5 percent expect these collaborations to become rarer. The expectation is even clearer for international projects with IT specialists from Europe. 26 percent of the companies expect an increase, only 3 percent a decrease.

Bitkom will present further results from the study on the digitization of the world of work in the ICT industry and the economy as a whole at a telephone press conference on Thursday, February 26th.

Methodological note: Bitkom Research, in cooperation with the opinion research institute Aris, surveyed 710 companies in the ICT industry on behalf of Bitkom. The survey is representative.