Which is the best note taking app

Note-taking apps: The 3 best free apps in German

With a notes app, you can keep appointments, tasks, ideas and passwords clearly arranged on your smartphone. Leave the old-fashioned paper mess! - We tested the three best note-taking apps in German for Android and iOS.

At work and at home, we are bombarded every day with numerous tasks, appointments and information that we could never remember without taking notes. The old-fashioned swear by their trusty notebook, others put sticky notes on their desks, but most of them use their smartphones to do this these days. Because a note app has the advantage that your paper supply is never exhausted, organizes your entries and notifies you via push notification when important appointments are pending.

Memorix notes + checklists: The clear one

As the first note taking app we have Memorix in the line-up. It is characterized by a clear structure and easy handling. New notes are available in the main menu via the Plus symbol added and then, depending on the arrangement selection, displayed in a list. Since all categories are assigned different colors, private and work-related notes can be distinguished at a glance.

Another useful feature of Memorix, is the possibility to add photos or images to the notes. In the main menu, the colorful notes are then displayed with thumbnails and are even easier to distinguish. The Notes app offers one for passwords and other sensitive data safe. All notes that are created there are password-protected and therefore not freely accessible to strangers.

  • clear
  • password protected safe
  • Adding pictures
  • Not available for iOS
  • No audio notes
  • No drawings

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Google notes: The classic

Under note taking apps is Google notes a real classic. The app owes its great popularity to the clear structure and the practical link with the Google account. The constant data synchronization ensures that your notes are retained even if you change devices.

The notes are created directly on the start page. Colored markings and the addition of pictures make them easier for you to distinguish. However, there is no assignment to fixed categories. In Google notes you can also take handwritten notes or sketches and record voice memos that are automatically transcribed by Google. Unfortunately, the app doesn't offer any protective measures such as passwords. Sensitive data should therefore not be stored here.

  • clear
  • Voice memos
  • Synchro with the Google account
  • No protection
  • little organization

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Evernote - Organizer, planner for notes & memos: The complete one

The notes app Evernote delivers the complete package. At first glance, the app is not quite as clear as the other two, but this is also due to the range of functions. You add new notes in the main menu via Plus symbol added. Evernote also offers you the possibility of different Notebooks that serve as superordinate categories. This way you can organize your notes clearly and use the filter to always find what you are looking for immediately.

In Evernote Notes can be equipped with voice memos, pictures and files. Handwritten comments are also possible. The app is linked to your Google account, so that all notes are constantly synchronized with all your devices and are not lost. You don't have to worry about your sensitive data because Evernote is password protected. The Notes app also offers the ability to share notes and be in one Work chat to exchange ideas with colleagues.

  • Synchro with Google account
  • password protected
  • Work chat

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Conclusion - our test result

Our three best note-taking apps are similarly good in their basic functionality. They all offer the ability to write down notes and neatly categorize them. However, there are differences in the additional functions. Memorix offers a safe in which you can store sensitive data protected by a password. Google notes transcribes your voice memos and synchronizes all notes with your Google account. Evernote offers all the functions of the other two apps and also scores points with an integrated chat function.