How do I say love in Farsi

Persian love, "I love you"

"I love you" Persian translation

There are several ways to say that you love someone or to make someone a declaration of love in Persian.

Formally one would say in Farsi: Man to ra dust dâram. The accusative (4th case) must be used here. In colloquial language, however, the forms given in the table above are used.

The following vocabulary is important for the topic of love and falling in love in Persian.

love'Ešq-e varzidanعشق ورزیدن
to love (= to be in love)'šeq budanعاشق بودن
to love (= make love play)'Ešqbâzi cardanعشق‌بازی کردن
Lovedust dashtanداشتن دوست    
to fall in love with (= lose one's heart)del bâxtanدل باختن
fall in love'šeq šodanعاشق شدن
in lovedelbâxtehدلباخته
in love'šeqعاشق

Pronunciation of I love you in Persian

Listen to the recording of “I love you” in Persian and repeat it.

More material

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