How do people make marshmallows

5 ways you can grill marshmallows

Outdoor hack by Nina Rebele

Some love them dearly, others hate them. Nina Rebele promises that anyone who grills marshmallows, the marshmallow candy from the USA, will be on fire for them. She shows us 5 ways to prepare a campfire and a marshmallow drink for adults.

It's such a thing with the marshmallows. Some love them, others cannot smell them, let alone eat them. In North America, the fluffy foam sugar balls are almost a must for camp adventures and campfire evenings. If you grill them slowly, they actually taste really good. A successful campfire marshmallow is light caramel brown on the outside and very soft on the inside, actually already viscous. This is not so easy. If you hold it too close to the flame or do not rotate it evenly, the marshmallows will catch fire immediately. And then they are inedible.

Roast marshmallows properly

First of all, you should choose a skewer that the marshmallows will stick to even when they are soft. A hand-carved stick or a skewer with a double point are best for this. It should also be long enough so that you don't burn your hand. A perfect marshmallow takes time, because it can get really uncomfortably hot around the fire.

It is important not to hold the marshmallows too close to the flame. Because they are made from sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin, they burn extremely quickly. You should also turn the skewer constantly so that they caramelize evenly.

The perfect campfire dessert

Sweet skewered marshmallows are an ideal dessert ingredient in the outdoor kitchen. They are easy to store, do not need to be refrigerated and only melt at extremely high temperatures. They even last a long time in the car or backpack. And: almost all children really love them. I'll tell you five campfire recipes that sweeten every camping adventure.

1. S'mores

The first recipe is a North American campfire classic. The sweet s'mores are so popular that August 10th even becomes National S'mores Day was declared. S'mores are made in North America with the original Graham crackers. Unfortunately, these are hardly available in Europe, which is why they are replaced by thin wholemeal biscuits here.


  • Marshmallows
  • Whole grain biscuits (e.g. Leibniz wholemeal)
  • Milk chocolate

For a s'mores you roast a marshmallow until it's nice and soft on the inside and lightly browned on the outside, place it on a wholemeal cookie, place a piece of milk chocolate on top, and put another wholegrain cookie on top. The marshmallow sandwich is ready! Let the chocolate melt briefly before enjoying.


2. Marshmallows with a chocolate and caramel core

If you like it really sweet, you will love this sugar bomb!


You open a marshmallow with your fingers and put a rolo in it. Then you spear through marshmallow and rolo. This is important because otherwise the rolo will fall out when grilling. Roast the whole thing over the campfire until the core begins to melt and the marshmallow is lightly caramelized.

3. Fruit skewers with marshmallows

The ideal dessert if you want to sweeten your berries or pome fruit even more.


  • Marshmallows
  • Favorite fruit

You skewer marshmallows and fruit on the grill skewer and let it brown.

4. Marshmallows in a dressing gown

You can also easily fill stick bread with marshmallows. The campfire counterpart to the chocolate croissant and a hit with children!


First you skewer a marshmallow or two and then wrap the bread dough around it. You need a little patience, as the stick bread has to cook until the marshmallows are soft on the inside.

5. Stuffed banana

Bananas are a perfect snack in and of themselves. Filled with marshmallows and grilled, they become a delicious dessert.


  • Bananas
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate drops, nuts (optional)

You cut a banana in the middle of the peel. Then you put mini marshmallows and chocolate drops or nuts in it and put the banana in the embers. That works quite well without aluminum foil and with older bananas.

6. Marshmallow shots

For the adults, marshmallows can also be turned into a fancy alcoholic dessert.


  • Marshmallows
  • Cream liqueur (e.g. Baileys)

For marshmallow shots, first roast a few marshmallows on a skewer until they are nice and soft on the inside and lightly caramelized on the outside. Remove them from the skewer with a fork and place them on a flat surface to cool off. This creates a cavity in the middle of the marshmallows. The cream liqueur is then filled into this hole. Bottom up!

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