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BCAAs comparison 2021

  • BCAAs are available as powders, capsules, tablets, and liquids. Powders are usually cheaper, capsules are usually more expensive. Choosing the right dosage form is a matter of taste - all products are effective and functional.
  • BCAAs have a positive effect on muscle building. They also have an anti-catabolic effect, especially when dieting, which means they prevent muscle wasting. This makes it possible to take BCAAs even in the case of illnesses in order to lose less muscle.
  • BCAAs should be taken around 30 minutes before and immediately after training. If you drink a protein shake after training, you can save money and do without the second serving of BCAA.

If you exercise often and with pleasure, you naturally wish noticeable and visible results. In order for such results to occur as quickly and effectively as possible, you should pay attention to a protein-rich diet - because proteins are the basic building blocks of the body.

Protein or Protein is essential for building muscle - but also to avoid muscle breakdown. This is why protein-rich dietary supplements are particularly popular with athletes and dieters. So-called BCAAs have proven to be particularly valuable. BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids, in German: branched chain amino acids.

What makes these amino acids so special, whether they are worth buying and what you should definitely pay attention to when buying, you can find out in the following BCAA comparison 2021. At the end of the guide you will also find tips on taking and dosing BCAAs.

1.1. BCAAs are one of the essential amino acids

Branched Chain Amino Acids

They are called essential because of the Body cannot produce it itself and therefore has to gain from food. They promote muscle building and are available as a dietary supplementparticularly suitable for fitness, strength training and dieting.

BCAAs are involved in various metabolic processes that serve to generate energy. They also regulate the immune system, keep the central nervous system healthy and strengthen and maintain the muscle tissue.

Around a third of muscle proteins are made up of BCAAs. Therefore, BCAAs ingested are more likely to serve that purpose Build up of protein structures and less as a building block for hormones like other amino acids.

1.2. Use and effect: BCAAs activate muscle protein synthesis

In contrast to other amino acids such as glutamine or arginine, BCAAs are effective via the bloodstream directly into the muscles. Their structure allows them to combine with other amino acids and ensure better absorption into muscle tissue.

However, the goal of BCAA is not so much the supply of high quality proteins - they serve much more than Triggers muscle protein synthesis (PS). Because there are no foods in nature with as much leucine as in BCAA powder, capsules or tablets, the body thinks it is a Oversupply of amino acids.

BCAAs switch protein metabolism to growth and muscle protein synthesis is activated. This puts the body in an anabolic state. This means:Muscles grow faster.

2. Types of BCAA: capsules and powders

Branched chain amino acids are mostly called BCAA capsules or BCAA powder sold. You will also rarely find BCAA tablets and liquid BCAA preparations that can be consumed by aroma. This BCAA comparison mainly covers powders and capsules because these products are by far the most common.

BCAA powder

  • BCAA in powder form
  • Take around 10-20 g daily
  • usually contains additional amino acids, nutrients and vitamins
  • mixed with water or milk
  • Aftertaste takes getting used to

easy dosage
mostly favorable price per KG
inconvenient transportation
less suitable for on the go

BCAA capsules

  • BCAA in capsule form
  • Use up to 18 pieces per day
  • mostly not vegetarian
  • no aftertaste

very easy dosage
convenient taking on the go

3. BCAAs purchase advice: You should pay attention to this

3.1. Compare prices with the price per KG ratio

The prices of the various products are the best compare with the price per KG ratio. Because pure powder is less expensive to manufacture, the powder preparations are usually a little cheaper than BCAA capsules. Whether you buy powder or capsule BCAA is a matter of taste - both are high quality.

The larger the amount of powder or capsules per pack, the cheaper the basic price of the product is usually. That sounds good and it is - but you should be careful not to order a kilo of a flavor that you may not like at the end.

3.2. Glutamine, creatine, vitamin B6: what else is in it

The best BCAA supplements come with additional amino acids and vitamins enriched to ensure a better absorption of the BCAAs. The workout boosters often contain additional glutamine - an amino acid that is extremely important for muscle regeneration and the immune system.

In addition, creatine can be found in some products. Creatine is an endogenous substance that is used to Energy generation in the muscles serves. An additional supply of creatine in the form of sports nutrition can overload the body's own creatine stores - and thereby provide more energy during exercise.

3.3. Taste: fruity or without

BCAA powder with flavor is usually a little more expensive than neutral. Nevertheless, we advise you to Powder with flavor or in capsules, because BCAA powder is neutral Absolutely no pleasure in terms of taste. Alternatively, you can add a little ahoy effervescence or a flavored water-soluble vitamin tablet to drown out the BCAA flavor.

3.4. Whey, casein and other proteins: BCAAs are not everything

BCAAs support muscle building, but you shouldn't expect miracles from the supplement. The recipe for success is still: high protein diet for muscle building and regular exercise. The German Nutrition Society recommends a protein amount of 0.8 g per kg body weight per day for an adult.

Athletes need more proteinespecially if they want to build muscle. A good empirical value is an amount of approx. 1.5 g protein per kilogram of body weight. For a person weighing 80 kg, this corresponds to 120 g of protein per day. As a reminder: a protein shake contains around 30 g of protein.

4. Tips on BCAA intake and dosage

To get the most out of your personal BCAA test winner, you should use theoptimal BCAA dosage know. We'll also give you tips on how to unwanted side effects how to prevent diarrhea.

4.1. Dosage: At least 13 g per serving

It makes sense to take BCAAs before and immediately after exercise.

Various BCAA tests and studies have shown that servings of 10 g or more of pure BCAAs have a positive benefit. Because flavored products usually contain additional substances, you should here too at least 13 g of powder per serving to grab.

But you shouldn't overdo it either. The higher the protein intake, the stronger the so-called amino acid oxidation. Put simply, your body is “wasting” amino acids because there are so many available to it.

That means: He uses the valuable amino acids as an energy supplier and burns them. If new amino acids are not quickly supplied, they will be lost in the worst case Muscle tissue broken down and recovered.

4.4. BCAA before or after training?

The use of BCAAs is particularly suitable for training. Because BCAAs get into the muscles quickly, they can30 minutes before training to be consumed. Many manufacturers recommend a dosage of around 15 g per serving, with capsules there are usually 3 - 6 pieces per intake.

If you're after exercising anyway Take a whey protein shake, however, additional BCAA supplementation after training makes little sense. Because just like BCAAs, whey aims to increase protein synthesis. A combination of the two preparations results does not necessarily lead to higher protein synthesis and that would be mainly one thing: wasted money.

4.3. BCAA side effects: how to prevent problems

The average consumer also consumes sufficient BCAAs through their diet. Supplementary intake only makes sense for athletes.

The ingestion of BCAAs is basically harmless, because they are nothing more than amino acids that you also consume through food. In the case of overdoses, isolated users report digestive problems. You can easily prevent this by using the BCAA powder beforehand Dissolve completely in waterand adhere to the Manufacturer's dosage recommendations hold.

4.4. Which foods contain many BCAAs?

Because BCAAs cannot be synthesized by the body, they must compulsorily through foodrecorded become. Since branched-chain amino acids favor muscle building, it is worth knowing in which foods they are particularly well represented. For example, they contain a lot of BCAAs:

Food per 100gLeucineValineIsoleucine
oatmeal1284 mg937 mg634 mg
wheat854 mg458 mg556 mg
beef1700 mg1090 mg1150 mg
Chicken1705 mg1118 mg1058 mg
tuna2170 mg1680 mg1320 mg

5. Questions and answers about BCAAs

5.1. Has Stiftung Warentest already carried out a BCAA test?

No, the Stiftung Warentest does not yet have a BCAA test in its catalog. In 2008, however, the foundation examined various protein powders. You can find the test here: Protein supplements at Stiftung Warentest.

5.2. Are BCAAs Good Or Harmful To The Skin?

Neutral BCAA powder tastes modest to say the least. Better to use flavored powder so that the workout booster goes down better.

In principle, amino acids support the structure and regeneration of tissue. In particular, the leucine contained in BCAAs can support the healing process of skin, bone and muscle tissue. However, BCAAs are not a panacea for more beautiful skin - the effect is minimal.

5.3. What other supplements are there?

Everyone wants to look beautiful. And that's exactly why there is one massive market for muscle building productsthat promise quick weight loss and bigger muscles. However, only a few are really efficient. Scientifically proven is z. B. the efficiency of Glutamine, BCAAs, and Creatine.

Creatine will often also sold as Kre-Alkalynthat has been mixed with a base powder beforehand so that the active ingredient does not decrease when mixed with water. In fact, you would have to mix the creatine with water weeks before use for the effects to really deteriorate.

In addition, there are often Isolates of Individual Amino Acids. They are sold as amino liquids, amino acid capsules or amino acid powders. When the amino acids are liquid, flavorings are often added to them.

5.4. What brands and manufacturers of BCAAs are there?

The market for dietary supplements is dominated by American manufacturers. These include B. Olimp, Weider or Peak.Particularly popular are z. B. the products Olimp BCAA Xplode, Weider BCAA, Peak BCAA Ts, Myprotein BCAA powder, Optimum Nutrition BCAA 1000 or Mammut Amino Liquid. There are cheap BCAA z. B. from the manufacturer Green food.

What did the BCAAs test or comparison show?

The product ESN Nitro BCAA Powder performed best. It is available from 24.90 euros and was rated very good. In second place comes BCAA + Vitamin B6 high-dose powder, rated very good, available from 21.90 euros. Follow in the following ranks:

  1. XTEND Original - BCAA powder, available from 57.90 euros, rated good.
  2. Olimp BCAA XPlode, available from 49.95 euros, rated good.
  3. Supplement Union BCAA powder, available from 22.70 euros, rated good.
  4. Ironmaxx Green Amino, available from 25.99 euros, rated good.
  5. Weider Maximum BCAA Syntho + PTK, available from 29.67 euros, rated good.
  6. Peak BCAA - TST, available from 29.90 euros, rated good.
  7. Frey Nutrition Anab. BCAA, available from 21.90 euros, rated good.
  8. Scitec Nutrition BCAA Express, available from 24.79 euros, rated good.
  9. Biomenta Arginine Citrulline, available from EUR 26.99, rated good.
More information "

Which well-known manufacturers are listed in the BCAAs comparison?

In our BCAAs comparison we introduce you to well-known brands as well as lesser-known manufacturers who produce BCAAs. The 11 manufacturers include ESN, Gym Nutrition, Scivation, Olimp, Supplement Union, Ironmaxx, Weider Maximum, Peak, Frey Nutrition, Scitec Nutrition and Biomenta. More information "

Does the editorial team only consider expensive BCAAs in the BCAAs comparison?

Our goal is that every comparison contains the right product selection for every reader. We have therefore put together inexpensive BCAAs from 21.90 euros as well as more expensive BCAAs for 57.90 euros for you. More information "

Which of the products from the BCAAs comparison received the most customer reviews?

Of the total of 11 products in our BCAAs comparison, one stands out in particular: The ESN Nitro BCAA Powder has been rated a total of 3295 times by previous customers. According to the mostly positive comments, the BCAA is particularly popular. More information "

Which BCAAs stood out in comparison with a particularly good grade?

In the BCAAs comparison, the editors gave the following products the top rating "VERY GOOD": ESN Nitro BCAA Powder and BCAA + Vitamin B6 high-dose powder. More information "

How many different products has the editorial team examined and compiled for the BCAAs comparison?

For the BCAAs comparison, the editorial team selected a total of 11 products: ESN Nitro BCAA Powder, BCAA + Vitamin B6 high-dose powder, XTEND Original - BCAA powder, Olimp BCAA XPlode, Supplement Union BCAA powder, Ironmaxx Green Amino, Weider Maximum BCAA Syntho + PTK, Peak BCAA - TST, Frey Nutrition Anab. BCAA, Scitec Nutrition BCAA Express and Biomenta Arginine Citrulline. More information "

In which other products have customers who bought a BCAA still shown interest?

Customers who previously searched for BCAAs often also enter keywords such as BCAAS, BCAA sensible or ESN BCAA. So that you can find the best product, we have put together a number of very good products for you in our BCAAs comparison and other thematically appropriate comparisons. More information "

BCAABCAA priceDosage formquantity
1. ESN Nitro BCAA Powder24,90 €powder0.5 kg
2. BCAA + vitamin B6 high dose powder21,90 €powder0.3 kg
3. XTEND Original - BCAA powder57,90 €powder1.341 kg
4. Olimp BCAA XPlode49,95 €powder0.7 kg
5. Supplement Union BCAA powder22,70 €powder0.5 kg
6. Ironmaxx Green Amino25,99 €Capsules550 pcs. | 0.62 kg
7. Weider Maximum BCAA Syntho + PTK29,67 €Capsules240 pcs. | 0.21 kg
8. Peak BCAA - TST29,90 €powder0.5 kg
9. Frey Nutrition Anab. BCAA21,90 €Capsules250 pcs. | 0.25 kg
10. Scitec Nutrition BCAA Express24,79 €powder0.7 kg
11. Biomenta Arginine Citrulline26,99 €Capsules150 pcs. | 0.18 kg