Can I see your current selfie

5 tips for your perfect selfie

We're going out of the house. Key? Check! Wallet? Check! Mobile? Check!
The mobile phone as a constant mountain guide is normal. No wonder, it lets us communicate with friends, view train timetables in real time and see cute cat videos. Another important function is the camera function. It is easy, especially when traveling, and enables good pictures to be taken on the go. You always have your “camera” with you, but the “photographer” is often missing. Selfies are the solution. But not every selfie is good enough to share on social media. So now follow ... tips on how to make your selfie perfect for Instagram.

1. The background

It is very easy to have a nice background when traveling. Toilets, untidy rooms or the tampon lying around are no problem. You should still pay attention to which beautiful place you are photographing in the background. Memorials, military grounds, and hospitals are just as unsuitable as dangerous places. Probably the most famous German example of a bad selfie location is the “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe” in Berlin. Even if the background only takes up 1/3 of the picture, it is an important factor for successful self-presentation.
If you have a girlfriend with you, you can take a portrait instead of a selfie. The background is very important here. Have a look around and try to find backgrounds that not everyone takes as such.

2. The light

Natural daylight is best for beautiful selfies. Sunrises and sunsets in particular are not only beautiful to look at, they also provide wonderful light for taking photos. If the sun comes from the front, your face appears without disturbing shadows. You can of course also have your back lit, as it makes your face look softer. You should generally turn off the flash. The only exceptions are party pictures in very dark. In general, warm light sources are always better than cold room lighting or the flash of a mobile phone. Windows are popular sources of light for photographers. They enable natural lighting of the model in the room and have a significant drop in light. You can create such good contrasts in interaction with dark walls. The brave can also take pictures with Against the Light. This gives the picture a special depth and gives you natural shadows on your face. Backlighting often causes the background to be overexposed. A background in the shade is well suited for this.

3. The perspective

The usual selfie is created from a 45 ° angle. The arm is bent slightly, swiveled a little to the side and raised above eye level. You look very slim from here. You can amplify this effect by making a long neck, pulling your chin down a little, and pulling your shoulders back a little. According to a study by Tobias Schneider and Prof. Dr. Claus-Christian Carbon makes you look more personable and attractive. This side is often referred to as the “chocolate side”. The right side, on the other hand, makes you appear intelligent, dominant, and helpful. To evoke naturalness, try to take the photos out of motion. Your photo will automatically become more dynamic and lively.

Group photos are much better with a selfie stick. If you don't have one with you, the outside person should take the selfie.
If you want to stand out from others, the 45 ° angle is not the best. Give yourself a try! Try to take a selfie while lying down or just rotate the picture. There is also a multitude of variations as a couple. For example, someone is lying on the floor and the partner is standing over it. Lying or sitting on your partner's shoulder opens up completely new perspectives. The distance and size are also variables that you can play with. Usually everyone stands cuddled together and hopes that they fit in the picture. If you have some space available, use it. Stand slightly offset and with a distance to the front. How about a selfie with grimaces being pulled or a wheel thrown in the barely visible background. The possibilities are nearly unlimited. Small mirrors like those on sunglasses or the car can also create interesting motifs. Soap bubbles and glass balls are popular too. With the latter, the face is often not the focus, but it doesn't have to be. Let yourself be inspired by other users and follow the trends.

Many a pose may have its challenges. So that you can at least better trigger, simply press the volume button on the side of your smartphone. Before taking a photo, clean the lens once.

4. The expression

So there is a lot to consider, yet rules are there to be broken in this case. Gain experience and try it out! Selfies are used to share beautiful moments with other people. So have fun. An honest and natural smile goes a long way. Think of something fun or realize how great your stay abroad is. You can bring your followers closer to the moment you live by adding music to them. Pick a song that reflects the mood of the picture.

5. The post-processing

Here you can let off steam and clarify your preferences and character. There are numerous filters, emojies and GIFs to make your picture more exciting or to make it look even more beautiful. Just give it a try and find your style. Some people even do without filters entirely. For others, it can't be too crazy and colorful. Take what you like and what suits your personality.


You don't have to tick off a checklist for your selfies. The perfect selfie shows you happy in a wonderful place for you. That can be in your home country on an evening stroll or on another continent, laughing with a quokka. The latter is certainly more extraordinary. We enable you to take selfies against the perfect background. Happy and in front of a breathtaking backdrop that will soon feel like your second home.