Why is my Wii controller not working

Welcome to Nintendo Customer Service

Presumably this malfunction of the Wii Remote can be fixed with a correct synchronization.

Note: Make sure you have installed batteries in the Wii Remote and that they have enough capacity (more information).

We recommend that you switch off your Wii console and unplug the power cord for a few seconds before you synchronize the Wii remote controls again. Then remove the batteries from the remote control (s). Then plug your Wii back in and turn it on. Now put the batteries back in the remote control that is to be recognized as remote control "1". Then register your remote control "1".

To do this, please proceed as follows:

• Remove the battery cover on the back of the Wii Remote.
• Open the SD card slot cover on the front of the Wii console.
• Turn on the Wii console.
• Press short the red SYNCHRO button (SYNC.) on the Wii console (next to the SD card slot). Then press short the red button in the battery compartment of the Wii Remote.

After successful registration, the left LED on the Wii remote control (marked with 1 dot) should light up constantly. The lit player LED shows the number of the player.
This process must be carried out with each additional Wii Remote that will be used on the Wii console. Incidentally, the order of registration corresponds to the order of players in multiplayer games.
The registration remains active until the settings are overwritten by registration on another Wii console.

If the above steps do not lead to the desired result, register another Wii Remote Control on your Wii, if possible, or register your Wii Remote Control on another Wii.

  • If another Wii Remote works on your Wii, there is a defect in the Wii Remote.
  • If your Wii Remote Control does not work on another Wii or another Wii Remote Control does not work on your Wii either, your Wii is defective.

Here you will find detailed information on sending in repairs, the warranty and any costs that may arise.