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Soulja Boy returns with a "new" console and fans are having fun

Soulja Boy's "new" console in the old look.

The former rapper Soulja Boy has announced the work on a new game console via a new Twitter account. After the entrepreneur failed with his emulator consoles a few years ago, the new device is to be redesigned from scratch and receive its own original games.

Soulja Boy sold illegal emulators: The home consoles and handhelds that Soulja Boy wanted to distribute in 2018 were nothing more than glorified emulators from China. Logically, the rapper was sued at the time and had to withdraw from the console business for the time being. Until now!

Soulja Boy brings "new" Soulja Console 2

The short tweet promises a completely new device: "I'm developing a new console from scratch with a completely new design. Completely new games. Completely new deals. Let's make history."

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Turn old into old: We see a first prototype of the "new" console on Instagram. This may sound familiar to one or the other, because it looks exactly like the device sold in 2018. You can also see a PS2 controller. So it is probably again a nicely packaged (and illegal) emulator.

You can see a humorous reworking of Soulja Boy's handheld and the dubious business behind it here:

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Fans are "happy" for Soulja Boy

The reactions to the tweet are pretty straightforward. A user suggests Soulja Boy to sell the games for $ 30 million to cover the high development costs. Another user writes: "If I don't get a PS5, I'll get one".

Would you get one of Soulja Boy's consoles?

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