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Globalization exacerbates ecological problems

The global interdependence and intensification of economic relations aggravates and intensifies the existing ecological problems in many ways:

  • sharply increasing volume of traffic (including traffic as a "rolling warehouse")
  • Export of environmental pollution from industrial production by relocating production from industrialized countries to other countries
  • greater environmental pollution from ever larger industrial plants and new technologies (e.g. nuclear power)
  • Export of environmental pollution of industrial products by selling the products all over the world
  • Export of environmental pollution from tourism to non-industrialized countries
  • Exploitation of the third world through overexploitation of natural resources
  • Disadvantage to the Third World through unfair trade structures
  • Exploitation of the third world through global turbo-capitalism and school-like exploitation of financial dependency structures
  • Economic and social burden on the debtor states of the Third World due to requirements of the World Bank and other donors
  • increased environmental pollution from global crises and conflicts (e.g. Gulf War, Afghanistan, international terrorism).
In general, the environmental problems (traffic congestion, air pollution, urbanization, use of fertilizers in agriculture, increasing amounts of waste, sinking groundwater, etc.) that the western industrialized countries themselves have are exported to the Third World, where there are poor general conditions (lack of environmental legislation, lower financial Opportunities, greater population growth, etc.).

Further ecological problems and possible solutions are dealt with on a separate website.

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