Why am I here now

I'm here now! - Documentaries for children about flight and migration

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What does it mean to be a refugee in a foreign country?

The documentaries for children on the subject of flight and migration show four real fates that could not be more different. What the films have in common, however, is that they fully engage with the protagonists' perspectives and report on their view of things. These films are particularly suitable for educational work because they give other children direct access to what it means to be a refugee in a foreign country.

Films for children from 8 years:

Eleni - soccer is my language
Director: Anabel Münstermann, Germany 2014, 15 min.

Feifei - The game of hide and seek
Director: Els van Driel, Netherlands 2013, German version, 17 min.

Films for children from 10 years:

Iman - life after the escape
Director: Rozhyar Zolfaghari, Germany 2015, 25 min.

Sharaf (animated documentary)
Director: David Aronowitsch and Hanna Heilborn, Sweden / Denmark / Norway 2012, OV with German subtitles, 13 min.

Accessible: all films with audio description and subtitles for the hearing impaired (optional)

Co-editor: Film + Schule NRW in cooperation with dfi - Documentary Film Initiative in Filmbüro NW

The State Media Center Baden-Württemberg recommends this film for use in class.

I'm here now! - Documentaries for children about flight and migration

Eleni - soccer is my language, Feifei - the game of hide and seek, Iman - life after the escape, Sharaf
Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, 2012-2015
Documentary short films, 70 minutes, color

BJF recommendation:from 8 years
FSK: released from 6
Keywords:Migration / Escape, short film
Extras: Audio description


We recommend this medium for teaching the following subjects at school:
Social studies, religion, geography

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