What is processor speed

Processor: The heart of a computer

The processor is considered to be the heart of the computer. Since there are several processors in a computer, the actual processor is also called the main processor or the English term is used Central Processing Unit. The term is therefore common CPU which is the abbreviation of the English term.

Basically a processor has two tasks. Namely arithmetic and taxes. In order to be able to carry out these tasks, a processor has an arithmetic unit and a control unit. The arithmetic unit ensures that calculations can be carried out in the binary system. The control unit, together with the command decoder, ensures that the execution of the commands is controlled and takes care of the coordination. The term processor comes from processing, which means something like processing. The processor processes the tasks by calculating and controlling, with the aim of producing an output. Because in the end, you want some kind of issue. On the screen, printer, loudspeaker, etc.

A processor is usually plugged into a socket in the mainboard. But there are also processors that are plugged into a slot similar to a graphics card. A cooler with a fan usually sits on top of a processor because the processors get very hot when they are working. If the processors did not have a cooler, they would break within a short time. A thermal paste is smeared between the cooler and the processor. This is very important. Processors also break without thermal paste.

A distinction is made between processors in terms of their performance and the number of their cores. There are single-core processors, double-core processors and quad-core processors, etc. There are also the English terms single-core (single core), dual-core (double core) and quad-core (quadruple core). Several cores are built into a processor because the performance of a processor core is physically limited and cannot be expanded indefinitely. So one goes over to building ever smaller processor cores, which in turn are all integrated into one processor. The performance is measured in Hz, MHz or GHz. A MHz processor can thus perform 1 million arithmetic operations per second. One GHz. Processor can perform 1 billion arithmetic operations. Processors with a performance of several GHz are standard today.

Well-known processor manufacturers are Intel and AMD, which together make up over 90% of the world market, with Intel in turn having more market shares than AMD.