What is women's emancipation

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Women become independent

The word comes from Latin and means something like "to become independent". In parlance, “emancipation” is mostly used in relation to women's rights. It is then demanded that women receive more rights in society, business and politics. The equality between men and women, which is in the Basic Law, should finally be realized.

Successes in women's emancipation

In the past few decades women have achieved many successes in emancipation. It has now become a matter of course that women can pursue any profession they want or keep their names when they get married. Nevertheless, there are still disadvantages for women. It is still more difficult for women than for men to reach top positions in business or high public offices. And in science, too, there are only a few women in management positions. It is therefore repeatedly discussed whether a quota for women should be introduced for certain areas in the economy and society.
Emancipation in History

One also speaks of emancipation when it comes to people or groups freeing themselves from oppression. Many peoples in Africa, Asia and Latin America had to free themselves from the oppression of colonial powers and become independent in the past centuries. They had to emancipate themselves from foreign rule.