What Are Some Fascinating Facts About Squid

5 facts about octopuses!

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Tenerife is home to many marine animals. Their secrets are well guarded, but diving and investigation can help you understand them better. Octopus is one of the amazing animals on the island, 5 facts will shock you.


  1. Octopuses don't have teeth, but they do have a beakwith which they crack snails and crabs. This is the only hard part of the body and the beak is under the head between the 8 arms. If you lose an arm, it grows back.
  2. Are octopuses so smart? They are referred to as the most intelligent invertebrates. The animals learn quickly and can differentiate between different objects. The researchers have proven that the sick have short and long memories. You can solve small tasks such as: opening a jar to get the food. You can also use various objects to protect yourself or to fight such as throwing stones or hiding in the shells.
  3. Octopuses can swim very fast, they use the same system as planes?This is how they cursed their predators, or when they become Predators themselves. As a defense, the squids release a cloud of ink. This confuses the attacker and also hinders his sense of smell. Their very flexible body allows them to hide in very narrow crevices. Octopuses can change color depending on their state of mind when they are hunting, when they don't want to attract attention, or when they are in danger.
  4. You have more than one heart. To be exact they have 3 hearts. The largest heart carries the oxygen-rich blood to the whole body while the other 2 carry the blood to the gills. The blood contains a lot of copper, which is why the blood is not red but blue.
  5. The females die after giving birth to the young! It takes six weeks to prepare the boys for life. Mother feeds, protects and cleans the children. But when she is hungry herself, she prefers to eat her arm instead of leaving her children alone. Then she dies from exhaustion.

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