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With the Seitwert SEO tools you can check your company homepage independently. Find out which measures you have to take so that your homepage can achieve better rankings on google. Our SEO tools carry out a website check and create a report for you. With our analysis and monitoring tools you can operate the SEO optimization independently.

Website check - ingeniously simple

With the Seitwert SEO tool you can create your own analysis. This website check is extremely important if you want to uncover existing potential. If you have optimized all key figures of this website analysis, we recommend the page value ranking check. So you always have your most important keywords in view.

The SEO tools can do even more

With the Seitwert Quick you can test, free of charge and without obligation, how well your website has been optimized so far. The SEO tool "Seitwert-Analyze" then goes into detail on request and carries out a complete website check across all websites. You will receive a complete one-time analysis, a competitor analysis, an overview of all errors and numerous recommendations for action.

Website analyzes that inspire our customers

Seitwert SEO tools are used by over 40,000 registered users

Seitwert provides us with very good transparency about the performance of the website quickly and easily. Based on the data, we can carry out targeted SEO advice.

Christian Vollmert
Managing partner of Lunapark GmbH

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