Who was Harry Potter's girlfriend

Bonnie Wright: This is what Harry Potter's great love Ginny Weasley looks like today

With "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" an era comes to an end. The last volume about the magic student and his friends was filmed in two parts. At the end of it, Harry Potter is happy - with Ginny Weasley.

It had been suggested for a long time. After some back and forth, Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright), his best friend's younger sister, end up happy together and even start a family. That could be seen in the last parts of the fantasy films that came into the cinemas nine and ten years ago.

Bonnie Wright was just 18 years old when it was set. Check out our slideshow to see how the actress has changed since then. At the age of nine, Bonnie Wright starred in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. In the first film adaptation of Joanne K. Rowling's books, her character Ginny Weasley was only seen briefly. In the second part, the younger sister of Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) herself came to the magic school at Hogwarts and thus took on a bigger role.

Bonnie Wright played Ron's sister for years. (Source: imago images)

Ginny fell in love with Harry Potter quite early on. She later develops relationships with other classmates and develops a friendship with Harry. Ultimately, they become a couple, then separate again, but finally find each other and start a family. It is really great love between the two of them.

A real all-rounder

After Bonnie Wright achieved worldwide fame through the "Harry Potter" films, she was seen in numerous other productions. In 2012, the now 29-year-old completed her bachelor's degree at the London College of Communication and also appeared as a model. For several years she has also worked as a screenwriter, producer and director herself. In her private life she enjoys singing, playing the piano and soccer, and doing various types of dance.

She is particularly close friends with Emma Watson from her former "Harry Potter" co-stars. Just like her, Bonnie Wright uses her fame to stand up for a good cause. She works with a brand for sustainably and fairly produced swimwear, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Recently she was on the road with Greenpeace to raise awareness of the amount of plastic waste polluting the oceans. She is also committed to educating women in Mali to help them out of poverty by supporting the "She Grows" project. And how have the other "Harry Potter" stars changed? Click through the slideshow.