What breed of dog looks like a bear

Dogs that look like bears

With some breeds, you only realize at second glance that it is a dog.

Last update: May 26, 2019

There are dog breeds that like authentic Bears look. Today we're introducing you to various extremely cute breeds that you will love!

Dogs that look like bears

There are some dog breeds that still look like plush toys in adulthood, but mostly it is only the puppies that are particularly cute and cuddly. You are sure to like them!

Chow chow puppies are cute stuffed animals

Not only the puppies of this breed, the adult dogs are also incredibly cute. It is an Asian dog with a confident character. The puppies look particularly cuddly.

Newfoundland puppies look like bears

Newfoundland puppies could be mistaken for a young bear because of their black fur and head and body shape. This breed of dog is beautiful!

Mix of German Shepherd, Akita and Corgi

This puppy became known all over the world because it is a cross between three breeds. The breeders have set themselves the goal of producing a new breed.


Lots Videos and photos of brown poodle puppies are circulating on social networks.You could actually be mistaken for a teddy bear. The brown fur and black eyes are incredibly cute.


When he's big, he's more like a little fox. But as a puppy, it looks like a fluffy cuddly toy that needs care and protection, regardless of whether it is brown or white.


The Goldendoodle could also be mistaken for a teddy bear if it is not moving.

His sandy, curly fur and perfect round black eyes make him look like a toy. He looks like a bear because of his round face and pointed ears.


There is no other animal in the world more like a polar bear than a Samoyed puppy. Even some adult specimens still resemble a polar bear. It is undoubtedly a unique, beautiful animal.

Doh khyi

This Tibetan dog also looks like a cuddly toy or like a bear. Its colors are confusingly similar.Maybe you only realize at second glance that it is a dog.

Caucasian Ovcharkas also look like bears

He is one of the largest puppies in the world who could easily be mistaken for a bear.Some also see similarities with lions,because this animal is very impressive.

Cross between Wolfspitz and American Eskimo Dog

We don't know if these two dogs were crossed because of their looks, or if it was just a coincidence. However, the result bears an astonishing resemblance to a bear. Would you like to have one at home too?

Akita puppies look like bears

Akitas are more like wolfs in adulthood, but the pups look like bears.

Which bear dog do you like best? Aren't they all incredibly cute?

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