ENT doctors think for themselves

Detailed view of the Covid-19 update

After the federal-state conference last week decided to include all general practitioners and specialist practices that routinely carry out protective vaccinations in the vaccination campaign named as the start date for the nationwide roll-out at the end of March or beginning of April, the conference of health ministers is currently dealing with the details of implementation. It was announced in advance that the vaccine should come to practices in the normal way via wholesalers and pharmacies. The bureaucratic effort for medical practices should be reduced to a minimum. More information is expected shortly. We will keep you up to date by circular.

It is already advisable to take care of a sufficient number of syringes and needles for your own practice.
You need 1ml residue-free syringes (tuberculin syringes), e.g. from B. Braun Melsungen, as well as 23G cannulas. If these are not available, the same syringes and cannulas that are used for SCIT and should be in stock at ENT practices with an allergy can be used. You can find more information on the required materials in the attached PDF from the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care (thanks to Dr. Junge-Hülsing). Depending on the availability of the vaccine in the next few months, it is advisable to keep a stock of 500-1,000 vaccination sets (syringes, needles) in stock for April. Please also think of skin disinfectants, plasters and swabs.

The professional association of ENT doctors is currently endeavoring to provide appropriate materials via the practice of the senses shop. Since a very high demand can be assumed in the next few months, all routes should be used for procurement.

We will inform you in the coming days about the more detailed regulations (start date, billing, documentation, etc.) for vaccination in the practices. We ask for your understanding that queries on the subject cannot be answered in detail. Incoming queries will, as far as possible, be answered in the next circular.


Thomas Hahn
Head of the Federal Office of the German Professional Association of Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors V.