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Film history began with moving images from sequences of individual photographs. This film material wanted to be edited: film editing is considered to be the forerunner of video editing. Early effects like "stop trick" were already popular in the 19th century: objects disappeared or appeared out of nowhere - the film editing made it possible. The French inventor of the effect, Georges Méliès, stopped his filming, removed objects from the scene and continued filming: the audience was amazed and spoke of magic. Video editing today makes use of techniques from a wealth of experience spanning more than a century of film and video history. At Semigator.de, training participants deepen their knowledge thanks to intensive involvement with professional video editing software.

Video editing training for beginners and professionals

From one-day workshops to all-week intensive training, you will find a wide range of events on Semigator.de: from different perspectives and each with the subject of video editing in focus. The training offer at Semigator.de thus covers the wide range of video processing software and video processing techniques. The training courses are aimed equally at beginners, advanced learners and subject experts - graded according to the level of learning. Many seminar participants come from the creative and media sectors. Career changers and the self-employed will find the training of their choice as well as employees in the specialist departments and in management positions.

Sophisticated software - intensive training

Forming image and sound material into results that meet or even exceed your own expectations: This is what video editing training with Semigator.de stands for. Final Cut Pro from Apple and Adobe Premiere are market leaders among digital video editing programs. Seminar participants learn how to use these industry-leading software solutions - digitization, editing, use of motion effects. Step by step, the participants learn program functions in theory and practice: audio mixer, sound processing and post-synchronization, color correction, speed adjustments and much more ... the course program also includes 360 ° video processing with panoramic videos, the current technology trend.

Courses in Adobe's After Effects program bring trainees closer to animation graphics and compositing - the mixing and post-processing of video material. Attending a seminar in video creation and editing with Adobe Flash is often the first choice for web designers.
Other events - workshops on video creation in the company or on "Mobile Reporting" - video design using smartphone apps - show the wide range of topics in the Semigator.de program. Addressed target groups come from advertising agencies and the marketing and PR sectors, are web designers and video artists. The media provide their staff with high-quality additional qualifications - freelance journalists, online editors and bloggers - and thus enhance their own company and the professional competence of the employees: After their video editing seminar, they go to work with fresh vigor and new ideas.

Semigator.de - filter out the right training

You can compare the training courses on Semigator.de and filter out those seminars in video editing that meet your professional requirements and personal goals. The seminar offer shows the venue and the schedule, the scope of the seminar and the type of training - for example workshops in small groups with a focus on practical exercises. You will receive information on the confirmation of participation and the certificate of completion. The offer on Semigator.de is extensive: By making a shortlist, narrowing down the training offer to your individual ideas, you will quickly find your personal video editing seminar.