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Student exchange with the Kadoorie School in Israel

The Justus von Liebig School has maintained a lively exchange with the Kadoori School for many years in Lower Galilee in the north of Israel.

How did the student exchange with Israel come about?
As a former Jewish horticultural school, the Justus von Liebig School was selected for a school partnership with the Kadoori School in Israel in 1981 when the partnership between the district of Hanover (now the Hanover region) and the Lower Galilee region was founded. The aim of the partnership is to promote mutual understanding between young people in both countries.

In the past few years, hundreds of schoolchildren from both countries have gained insights into current life in the host country, got to know historical connections and made friendships during the annual exchange. Each of these relationships between people creates trust and forms an important basis for good relations between countries.
This successful partnership is to be continued in the next few years through the visit of Israel by pupils of the Justus von Liebig School and the return visit of the Israeli pupils to us.

What can the participants of the exchange expect?

  • Getting to know the partner region, the partner school and partner students, as well as their families
  • Insights into the life of the people in Israel, the political situation, the landscape, the culture, the history and the current German-Israeli relationship
  • Travel with a coach to various regions of Israel
  • a weekend in the family of the respective partner student
  • Accommodation in hotels or youth hostels
  • 10 unforgettable days with lots of new impressions and fun. You can't book this trip anywhere else!
  • What is expected of the participants?
  • the willingness and ability to integrate into a travel group with a fixed program (no individual trip !!)
  • active participation in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the exchange
  • the open-mindedness and the interest to get to know Israel and its people
  • to contribute to international understanding through friendliness and hospitality as Germany's ambassador
  • the (obligatory !!) participation in the preparation weekend for the Israel trip
  • Host a student from Israel during the family weekend
  • Sufficient English skills to communicate with the Israeli partner student and his / her family
  • timely registration and transfer of a deposit (will be repaid when a guest student is accepted), as well as timely transfer of the travel price.

Contacts for exchange:

  • Justus-von-Liebig-Schule Secretariat Ahlem (Mrs. Biber) Tel .: 0511/40049830 e-mail: [email protected]
  • Contact person at the Ahlem location :, Mr. Hammer, Mr. Janus
  • Contact person at the Höfestraße location: Mr. Ahrens
  • Contact person at the Windausstrasse location: H. Dr. Lischke
  • Contact person at BBS 3: Ms. Lange, Mr. Prieske

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