How can we redeem and use bitcoins

How can you redeem a Casascius Physical Bitcoin?

The first 8 characters of the public address are on each coin. That way you can get the full address or check your account balance with FirstBits or a similar service. Under the tamper-evident holographic sticker on each coin is the private address that corresponds to the public address. Now that you've got both the public and private addresses, the process of importing this information into an existing wallet has already been documented in this previous question.

To edit:As a side note, it's probably worth noting that this process is almost identical to the process used to redeem BitBills

Edit 2:Apparently these coins use a different private key format than Standard.Casascius has released a utility to convert these private keys to standard addresses. Further information on the "Mini Private Key" format can be found in the Wiki.For those who are missing a copy of Visual Studio, I have compiled a copy for you.These keys can also be calculated using any calculator or code that can generate a SHA256 hash:

Of course, that's still hexadecimal and needs to be converted to Bitcoin's modified Base58, but many wallet import tools also accept hex.

Edit 3:I just heard from Casascius that we will be able to redeem these coins, as well as any device with a private mini-key, directly at MtGox in the near future.

Edit 4:Support was officially added


These coins use the mini private key format. Are you sure the import method is the same?

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