How much do virtual reality games cost

What does a VR development cost

The name says it all: there is nothing “real” in “Virtual Reality”. Everything you see there was created on the computer. Every object, every person, every interaction has to be created by hand by 3D designers. That's a lot of work. And here we come to the first decisive factor in the cost estimate: What should it look like?

Probably the simplest graphic form is the »low poly look« (translated: "few polygons"). Everything we see in virtual reality consists of the smallest geometric unit, i.e. triangles (Called "polygons"). The fewer such triangles are used, the less time it takes to create virtual objects. A low poly application often looks like a toy landscape or origami.

The exact opposite of this is a high-quality, realistic representation. The polygons alone don't make everything, of course. Light setting, filters, surface finishing, reflections and dozens of other elements must be created and edited before a high-quality-looking image is created.

When a single 3D graphic artist to create a simple low poly scene (e.g. a simply furnished room) It takes two to three days for a similarly complex but graphically high-quality scene to take one and a half to three weeks into account - depending on the number and details of the objects.

With very detailed, almost photo-realistic scenes, you have to reckon with several weeks or months of design time. And then there are movements, interactions, logical calculations, and other programming.