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How effective is social media marketing for B2B?

Alexander Rammlmair, Managing Director at

Social media can be very effective for B2B.
However, the rules of the game are different from those in B2C.

If you create a company page on LinkedIn or Facebook and post something there, hardly anyone will notice.

First, such posts are made by the Algorithms very rarely included in the feeds (even with your followers).

Second is this one “Broadcast” mode also not very effective at generating leads. In the best case, someone reads what you post and may even think: Not bad at all. But that was it then. The next post is already waiting and the attention is gone.

What works better: 1-to-1 communication. From person to person.
Especially with those people who are active themselves: who post, share, like, comment on something. It is usually easy to get in touch with these people, because obviously this is what they are here for.

Of course, nobody wants to come along Sales pitches be spammed.

Just do what you would do in “real” life to get to know someone. You wouldn't go up to someone and say, “Hey, don't you want to buy something?”.

Instead: Reading what interests and moves the other person. What she writes. Check the life path and hobbies. Find common ground.

And then: Asking questions, giving tips, offering help.
Get in touch, do good and thus arouse interest and build trust.

Now, of course, there is the objection: But this is time-consuming and not scalable.


And that's exactly what everyone else knows. And that's why we take it seriously and respect it.
And that's why it works.

I wish you success!


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