What is social group work

Social group work

1. The most important things in a nutshell

Social group work is a form of state educational assistance that is usually free of charge. It has a variety of forms of work and is intended to help children and young people in dealing with others. It is used in recreational, educational and therapeutic facilities as well as in juvenile criminal law.

2. Tasks

The social group work should be done with children (usually from school age) and adolescents

  • Overcoming developmental and behavioral problems and
  • improve the social ability to act.

3. Shapes

Social group work can take very different forms depending on the task and age group, e.g .:

  • Educational or social training courses
  • Leisure groups and holiday measures
  • thematically defined project groups
  • Groups at the educational, training and work level
  • therapeutic groups

The social group work usually takes place in the context of weekend events or regularly during the week for several months.

4. Practical tip

The social group work can also be used as an aid for young adults (18-27 years of age).

5. Who can help?

Youth Welfare Office

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Source of law: ยง 29 SGB VIII