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Mathematics II for students of geophysics / oceanography, meteorology and physics and Computing in Science: information on lectures and exercises



Diagonalization of endomorphisms, Euclidean and Hermitian vector spaces, metric spaces and completeness, bounded operators, Hilbert bases, differential calculus of several variables, differentiable maps, the inverse theorem and its applications, ordinary differential equations, Fourier series.

Previous knowledge

Good and confident command of the material from the first semester.

Literature and material

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Current information on lectures, exercises, tutorials, bonus rules, exams

The lecture (start: April 22nd, 2020) is four hours with two-hour exercises (start: April 22nd, 2020). The lecture dates are Wed and Fri at 8:15 am to 9:45 am. Please note that the event takes place digitally; the lectures are recorded in advance. We expressly recommend that you use the offers belonging to the event as far as possible. Your (digital) participation in the exercise groups is important. Registration and assignment of the exercise groups takes place via. Take part in the exercise group for which you have been given a place.

Please make sure that you have to be registered in STINE (in addition to the entire module) for both the lecture and the exercises. For repeaters, registration for the module component exercises - which is classified as optional in STINE for repeaters - is only possible under the STINE menu item Public Events as a listener. In the event of technical problems, please contact support with a description of the problem and the most important information. Lecturers do not have user rights to help you with STINE problems. The students registered for the STINE exercises have already received an e-mail from me (to the address stored in STINE) stating how they can access the course (and recording) on ​​the MIN-Moodle learning platform.

Study achievements (for the bonus scheme) can only be provided if there is an exercise group registration in MIN-Moodle. The crediting of study achievements (bonus, see above) depends on the information to be given at the exam as to whether you have made use of our exercise offer (for example, the number of points achieved in the exercises does not matter). This bonus is only valid for the current semester! For the exam, the bonus roughly corresponds to the points that correspond to an improvement in the examination grade by 1/3, or which can compensate for falling below the minimum requirement by 10% of the pass limit.

We use the above-mentioned learning platform for the exercises. We also provide information on the physics tutorials on the above-mentioned learning platform.

The final exam takes place in the form of a 120-minute written exam. Please bring a black or blue pen (not a pencil) and an identity card / passport as well as student ID / certificate of enrollment with you to the exam. No aids are permitted, in particular pocket calculators, smartphones, smartwatches and formulas are not permitted. The date specified in STINE is always binding. Please be sure to observe the information provided by the Study Office on the face-to-face exams and do not forget your mouth and nose protection. Important: To take part in the exam, you must have registered for the exam in advance (see the Faculty's examination regulations). Registration can be made through STINE up to 7 days before the exam. Only those who are on the registration list are allowed to take part in the exam. Declarations of reservation and subsequent registration for examinations are excluded. We cannot register you or register you retrospectively. For later cancellations - up to the day of the exam and up to the exact time of the start of the exam - please send the cancellation request by e-mail with reference to the general situation to the Mathematics Office.

The first exam took place on Tuesday, August 11th, 2020. The post-exam took place on Wed September 30th, 2020. You can see your exam results in STINE. As announced, the crediting of the bonus was dependent on the information on whether you had made use of our exercise offer; In the current case, there was no person for whom no bonus was granted and (at the same time) the bonus would have had an effect on the test result.

At the moment, similar protective measures are necessary for inspections as for the exams themselves. We would like to offer an inspection of the exam on October 30, 2020, in the morning. Our options and the number of participants are limited. Registration is required by October 23, 2020 in our event area on the MIN-Moodle learning platform, directly in the "Schedule" between the item "Announcements" and the tasks. Since there are still places available for viewing, the registration option (see above) is currently still open. The inspection for 'Geomatikum Group 2' is from 11:00 in the H2. Please print out this information. You should be patient for the inspection, and your mouth and nose protection, and ID card and student ID, and, if necessary, powers of attorney (see below) and the information about the inspection. The instructions from the study office on the face-to-face exams apply again. The possibility to authorize someone in writing (more precisely: to include power of attorney and a copy of your identity card) for you to view the exam and, if necessary, to arrange for a correction on your behalf, is limited to the case that the authorized person belongs to the group of people invited. (The principal should then not register!)