Can I unscrew a full Sodastream refill?

Replace sodastream cylinder - this is how it works

If you make your sparkling water yourself with your soda stream, you will have to replace the carbon dioxide cartridge regularly. How exactly this works and what you have to pay attention to when exchanging, you will find out below.

1. Sodastream carbon dioxide cylinder

With the purchase of a soda maker from Sodastream, you will usually receive an aluminum carbon dioxide cartridge in addition to the soda maker. This contains carbon dioxidewhich the soda stream adds to the drinking water. The devices require cylinders that contain 425 grams of carbon dioxide. With this amount you can up to 60 liters Gushing up drinking water - that corresponds to about seven water boxes.

2. System of use / exchange system

The Sodastream cartridge does not become your property when you purchase a Sodastream, you receive it Right of use, which is included in the User certificate is listed again in writing. Sodastream therefore offers a Exchange system where you can exchange the empty cylinder for a full Sodastream cartridge. There is a fee for the filling, but does not have to be spent on the cylinder. The advantage for the consumer, that sodastream is for the

  • maintenance
  • cleaning
  • processing
  • and filling

the cartridge is responsible. So when you swap, you always get a working product.

Tip: As soon as the cylinder is empty, the soda stream can no longer be used. Therefore it is recommended to have a cartridge in stock to acquire. So you always have a replacement cylinder ready and can get a new one in peace.

3. Where can I exchange the Sodastream cylinder?

You can exchange your empty Sodastream cartridge for a full cylinder at numerous Sodastream partners. To the network include for example:

  • Supermarkets
  • Drugstores
  • Hardware stores
  • Online shops

With most providers, the exchange takes place quickly and easily directly at the checkout. In hardware stores, it is also often possible not to exchange your cartridge, but to replace it again fill up allow.

Sodastream only exchanges Sodastream original cartridges made of aluminum for originals. However, there are still numerous alternative providers of carbon dioxide cylinders, who in turn swap their variants for full cartridges at the corresponding contact points such as supermarkets, drug stores and online shops.

4. What does it cost to replace a Sodastream cylinder?

If you exchange your empty Sodastream carbon dioxide cartridge for a full cylinder, the prices can vary from exchange point to exchange point. As a rule, however, an exchange costs around eight euros.

5. How do I replace the Sodastream cylinder?

Replacing an empty Sodastream cylinder is quick and easy. Typically, every soda stream has a similar structure, so you can apply the following steps to almost all models.

  1. Remove the back cover: The housing in which the Sodastream cylinder sits contains a rear cover. You can remove this by pressing in the upper button, pulling the cover back and then levering out the tab located on the lower edge of the cover. The cartridge now appears in the housing.
  2. Remove cartridge: The cylinders usually have a right-hand thread, which is why the empty cartridge can be turned counterclockwise until it has loosened. Tilt the soda stream forward a little to remove the cylinder from the housing.
  3. Insert a new cartridge: Now open the new carbon dioxide cartridge by turning the safety screw counter-clockwise. Tip the soda stream slightly forward again so that you can place the cylinder in the lower opening of the housing. Now turn the bottle with a little pressure upwards and clockwise onto the thread of the soda stream. Make sure that you only screw in the cartridge hand-tight.
  4. Reinstall the back cover: Finally, place the back cover with the lower nose first on the bottom of the housing and press the cover lightly on the upper edge until it audibly clicks into place. Your soda stream is now ready to use again.

6. Can I return the Sodastream cylinder?

If you want to return the Sodastream cylinder and do not want to exchange it, you will need this User certificate as well as the receipt /Proof of purchase Of your soda stream or the First acquisition the Sodastream cartridge. To exam from Sodastream customer service, you can then send the cylinder to the company and receive a corresponding one Credit.