What does my dream represent

Dream Interpretation: how to get closer to my dream

If you want to interpret your dream better, you should keep a pen and paper close at hand next to the bed before going to sleep. If you like it more convenient, you can choose voice recording on your smartphone or, even better, a dictation machine, where a single push of a button is sufficient. For a profitable dream interpretation it is important to act quickly after sleeping. "A dream is a message from the unconscious, a comment on the personal situation in life," notes Renate Daniel, who also deals with the topics of dreams and dream interpretation in therapy. For Daniel, his own behavior in the dream plays a central role in dream interpretation: How does my dream self behave? Am I passive or active in the dream? Am I involved in the dream event or am I observing? And where are the parallels to the real me?

An example of such a parallel between dream and reality is the story of a patient of Daniel who, despite a long past divorce, was still emotionally strongly attached to her ex-husband. She told of a dream: in her sleep, her late father appeared suddenly and had her arrested by the police. In the therapy talk it turned out that the relationship with the father in childhood was characterized by a strong fear of rejection and punishment. Through the dream, the patient recognized parallels between her father and the ex-husband. A realization that ultimately helped to come to terms with the painful separation from her ex-husband. "The relationship with one's own parents - whether closely connected or without contact - continues to have an impact on everyone," emphasizes Renate Daniel, "and this relationship ultimately also has an influence on the choice of partner."