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ZDF report from Silicon Valley

The "Beautiful new world" is explained in a current ZDF report from Silicon Valley. Today's journal presenter Claus Kleber shows how Silicon Valley is already determining technology and people or will soon be determining them. The one-hour documentary gives an interesting insight into current events in and around San Francisco with many interviews on autonomous driving, digital universities, biotechnology, robotics and the sharing economy. There's a lot going on at the moment. Founders and investors are busily looking for the next big idea.

The report shows many scenes from San Francisco that by now - after nine months here - already seem pretty familiar. There is actually a different rhythm in Silicon Valley compared to Europe, but also to other parts of the USA. In addition to the many technical innovations that, in my opinion, cannot be stopped or slowed down, there should also be more discussion about the associated social development.

One can already see a certain dichotomy of the population in San Francisco. Often it is said "Do you work in tech?". There are many (mostly well-paid) tech workers and a whole “convenience industry” around them and their employees or service providers who are supposed to make life easier. Examples are Uber or Lyft, and a variety of grocery and restaurant delivery services (Munchery, Grubhub, Instacart, etc.). There are a few more - sometimes somewhat critical - comments on the show from Business Insider, Focus Online and Gründerszene.

I like it:

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