Where can I find B2B affiliate marketers

Can affiliate marketing be successful in B2B?

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate marketing is a very popular online marketing tool. Offer here Affiliates on their website to indicate which of the Merchant (Dealer) can use. Since a personal and technical coordination with many individual partners is time-consuming, this is done by affiliate networks. You also determine the commissions due.

What does affiliate marketing cost?

In affiliate marketing, you have to consider the remuneration models: pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale. It is not possible to define an average cost / benefit value for affiliate marketing measures. because the costs depend on various factors:

  • Average value of the shopping cart
  • Commission amount,
  • Initial installation and much more dependent.

Kolumen42.de has set up a B2C calculation example. With a goods value of 100 EUR, the average cost is 16.86 EUR.

How Affiliate Marketing works

The merchant advertises his products on the advertising space provided. If your customer clicks on this banner, he will be redirected to your online shop. Ideally, your visitor then makes the purchase. In this step, a cookie is installed with your customer, with which the clicks can be clearly assigned.

In B2C, in addition to direct advertising, the affiliate also creates vouchers or cashback offers - part of the commission is passed on to the customers.

Why affiliate marketing is difficult in B2B

In the following points, B2B in the industry is assumed. Other criteria may apply to ICT.

Number and relevance of the affiliate partners

Most of the websites that show affiliate marketing ads are B2C websites. Finding an affiliate partner for business concerns is more difficult.

Complexity of the purchase decision

Even if a suitable platform is found, the complexity of handling the purchase and decision-making process in B2B must be taken into account. Even if your customer finds the product interesting, he may not be able to make a decision immediately.

Technical challenge

Online adjustments are necessary so that you can measure the effectiveness of affiliate marketing. In order to be able to calculate the corresponding commission, you have to make the entire customer journey measurable.

Provisioning / costs

For B2B products with a long decision-making process, we recommend the Pay per Lead remuneration model on a CPM basis. You can use the pay per sale model for products such as work clothes or tools. At least if you have an online shop.

The average sales value of B2B goods is much higher than in B2C. Provisioning for lead generation based on the value of the goods can quickly put a strain on your marketing budget.

When can affiliate marketing be useful in B2B

There are various conditions under which affiliate marketing can also make sense in the B2B area.


Does your company mainly work with MRO customers? Affilaite marketing can then be useful when ordering spare parts.

Awareness increase

B2B companies with own brands can increase their level of awareness. Affiliate Marketing increases the traffic to your website. But it is precisely here that it is important to find the right partner. In addition, the advertisements should not have an advertising but informative character (content marketing).

Cross-sales models

If your customers have the B2C area as the next sales level, you can develop a joint model. An auto parts dealer who supplies garages could create affiliate campaigns. Classic topics would be tire or oil changes. The supplier of the spare parts ensures sales for the garages. He himself benefits from higher sales due to the spare parts sold.

Development of B2C customers as a new business area

Some B2B products are also interesting for B2C customers. It would therefore be worth considering opening your online shop to B2C customers as well. When making this decision, however, you have to consider a few points.


Affiliate marketing is suitable for parts of the B2B landscape. It is likely to be ineffective in an industrial setting. The measurability of success presents B2B companies with a long customer journey with a further challenge. At the same time, the question of pro or contra affiliate marketing can generate new business areas and customer loyalty measures.

In our opinion, the online budget is the more suitable investment in other measures such as SEA / SEO in combination with IP tracking systems to identify companies on the website.