How to do paper mache things

Handicrafts with paper mache - Over 50 creative ideas and instructions

Paper mache or paper mache can be used to make simple animals, decorative figures and many other things such as masks or relatively large stage structures for children's theater. Paper mache decorations and gifts are an eye-catcher at every party.

There are hardly any limits to the imagination, because when the formed mass has dried, you can work on it with sandpaper, knife and fine saw and paint it in bright colors.

Crafting with paper mache is not only something for children, but also great fun for adults.

We have compiled the best handicraft instructions for all things paper mache that can be found on the Internet.

1. Paper mache techniques

Forms with paper pulp
  • also called pulp
  • With this method you work with the mass from which you model objects, sculptures and figures
Laminating technology / layering technology
  • This method involves working with scraps of paper or strips of paper that are glued on top of each other in many layers with binding agent

2. Crafting instructions: Paper mache decorations and gifts

A paper mache lock.

Paper mache or P.appmaschee is a malleable, tough craft material made of glue or another binder and crushed, soaked (Waste) paperthat solidifies after drying.

It is easy and cheap to manufacture and is suitable for large and small handicraft projects - for young and old.

How about, for example, a decorative lamp or lantern for your own living room? And who needs a great wedding or birthday present?

Here on this topic page there is a selection of links to great craft ideas for Paper mache decorations and gifts. We wish you a lot of fun doing handicrafts!

2.1. Paper mache decoration

2.2. Paper mache gifts

3. Make paper mache animals

  • View paper mache animals on »

4. Make a piñata out of paper mache

  • Make a Pikachu piñata »

    Illustrated project description for making a piñata in the form of the Pokemon monster “Pikachu”.

  • Death Star Pinata »

    Step-by-step photo instructions for a children's birthday pinata in the shape of the death star.

  • Make donkey piñata »

    Detailed illustrated instructions for making a colorful birthday pinata in the classic Mexican donkey shape.

  • Tinker monster pinata »

    Illustrated instructions for making a round pinata in the shape of a green monster.

  • Pinata - The Very Hungry Caterpillar »

    Illustrated handicraft instructions for a pinata in the shape of the Very Hungry Caterpillar made of balloons, paper mache and hot glue.

  • Pinata with spikes »

    Illustrated instructions for making a round pinata with jagged ends.

  • View piñata on »

5. Make paper mache figures yourself

6. More paper mache craft ideas

7. More creative ideas for Crafting with different materials

Photo credits: Adobe Stock / abasler, 'Handicrafts with paper maché': from lovelihood (Flickr), 'Handicrafts with paper mache': from lovelihood (flickr) (sorted chronologically or according to the order of the images used in the buying guide)

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