Can be used to recharge a dry bike battery

There are several good reasons to charge and maintain your e-bike battery correctly. In the end the battery is the heart, the energy storage of your electric bikewithout which the pedelec drive cannot work. In addition, an e-bike battery is not cheap, so it should last as long as possible and withstand as many charging cycles as possible, right? In order to ensure that the battery functions smoothly and safely, you do not have to pay much attention to the handling and care of the battery; you should rather know what your Pedelec battery cannot handle.


The first charging processes of the battery

Before you go on your first trips, you should "run in" the e-bike battery. That means you have him Alternately charge and discharge completely 3-5 times. The battery management system, which monitors the work of the battery, can calibrate itself correctly and provide you with the full energy capacity of the battery in the future.

The right charging behavior for a long service life

After you have retracted your battery, the lithium-ion batteries are very grateful and easy to care for energy sources and no longer have to be laboriously completely emptied until they can be recharged. On the contrary, because the lithium-ion battery endures intermediate charging a lot better than constant emptying. So place a second charger on your workstation to charge the e-bike battery between trips! You don't have to wait for the charge level of your Pedelec battery to reach 100% either - you can interrupt the charging process at any time without damaging the battery. You can even increase the service life of your battery by only charging it to 80%: This avoids the high voltage range that is reached with a 100% charge and can damage the cell chemistry. However, every 2-3 months you should completely discharge and recharge your battery. This process is necessary so that the battery management system recognizes the status of the e-bike battery and thus also transmits correct values ​​to the charge level indicator. It would be a shame if you suddenly found yourself on an e-bike tour without power!

The best thing to do is to charge the e-bike battery at room temperature and only use it shortly before the ride at temperatures below 10 degrees.

Do e-bike batteries have a memory effect?

The memory effect describes a process in which the battery remembers the energy requirements of the last discharge processes and will only provide this amount of energy in the future. As a result, the capacity of these battery systems steadily decreases if they are not completely empty before each charging process. But don't worry, you will only find powerful and easy-care lithium-ion batteries in new e-bikes from renowned manufacturers. Have this no memory effect and that's why you can connect the e-bike battery to the charger at any time. However, if your e-bike is powered by an outdated lead or nickel-cadmium battery, you should avoid intermediate charging and make sure to empty the battery before each charging process.

If a battery pack is only charged to 80%, its service life is doubled because the high voltage range, which puts a particular strain on the cell chemistry, is avoided.

Correct storage of the e-bike battery

Correct storage of the e-bike battery can significantly affect the service life of the battery. If you don't use your e-bike for several weeks or if you store it in the garage or basement over the winter, you should give the pedelec battery special treatment!

Store the battery on one dry cool place at about 10 to 15 degrees. Make sure to check the charge level before you store the battery: ideally, a Charge level of about 50%, which should be checked about every three months. The reason lies in the self-discharge of the battery. If it is stored for too long with a little charge, the voltage inside drops so drastically that it becomes one Deep discharge can occur that permanently damage the battery.

Proper care of the e-bike battery

Like most battery systems, lithium-ion batteries are temperature-sensitive, they feel at an average of 20 degrees most comfortable. Perhaps you are familiar with this effect from smartphones that simply switch off when the temperature is too high, or you have already observed that the battery of your smartphone drains faster when it is cold. It is the same with the e-bike battery: If it is too cold, the battery discharges faster, since the chemical processes inside can no longer run as efficiently - capacity losses are the result. High temperatures can even permanently damage the Pedelec battery, because this does not switch off automatically like the smartphone.

So you should use your e-bike if possiblepark in the shade and Avoid direct sunlight. When it is freezing in winter, you should simply take the battery with you into the warmth if you can, for example when visiting friends or riding your e-bike to work.

The cleaning of the e-bike battery

Like any electronic device, your e-bike's battery does not respond well to liquids. So clean your e-bike never with a hard jet of waterlike that of a high-pressure cleaner or a steam cleaner. Even if the battery is not attached to the bike at this point, water can penetrate the contact points into the electronics and damage them. Usesimply use a damp cloth to clean the housing, You can clean the contacts with a dry, absorbent cloth.

Transport of the e-bike battery

If you are transporting your e-bike in the car, you shoulddisconnect the battery from the Pedelec and protect it from heat, shock and blows. You can easily protect the connections on the Pedelec with a plastic bag, for example when you attach the bike to the bike holder on the car. If you want to go on a tour abroad with your e-bike, keep in mind that pedelec batteries are not transported by every airline - make sure to inquire early!

Disposal of the e-bike battery

Defective e-bike batteries are allowed not disposed of with household waste become. Simply bring the battery to your trusted e-bike dealer, who will then dispose of it properly.

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