Is this enlightenment what I experience

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"Enlightenment" is understood to mean very different phenomena and conditions in the five world religions as well as in the multitude of other faiths from Adventists to Wicca. Despite all the diversity in understanding, these descriptions have a reference back to the terms “light” and “glow” as well as “awake” and “awakening” in common.


In addition, most spiritual worlds of experience have in common that they describe a daily or at least regular spiritual practice as a prerequisite and part of the enlightened experience. Dance, prayer, meditation, celibacy, that is, the conscious exercise of a spiritual discipline, is a prerequisite for delimitation, connection with or experience of the “divine”.


The exclusively "sudden" enlightenment that "comes over you", without your own commitment and efforts of mystical experience, without regular practice, is viewed critically by many people, just like the desire for enlightenment itself is up for discussion.


Why? What do you mean?
If you let the energy of these two possibilities work on you for a moment, you will be able to clearly perceive why.
The will of the ego and enlightenment are mutually exclusive.


Which experiences do you call enlightened moments and why?
What does enlightenment mean to you?


I always experience enlightenment as a surprising, at the same time regular element of my being. For example, I often experience enlightenment during my daily practice of "energy flow", in experiences of nature, as part of intense love experiences, in the individual sessions that I am allowed to give, often also while teaching the spiritual practice "intuition training", in my dreams and during the Channeling.


In essence, I experience the quality of the enlightenments identically: as a blissful, momentary dissolution of boundaries; an infinite glow in the unconditional connection with EVERYTHING THAT IS.
Unconditional love.
Unconditional freedom.


For me these moments are not isolated; even if in some way they are not persistent, they are perpetual. For me they are moments of boundless bliss, mystical experiences that shimmer like Opaque into my daily life.


The reality of these enlightenments enable me to keep reminding myself that life is to be soul and to embody - to be me.
Not to believe my ego - which romps in resistance, evaluations and emotions, like every ego in this world - but to know that I am my frequency; Light, love, peace and connection.
And that I live to embody just that.


In the following I will try to describe the process in which I see the enlightenments embedded. Naturally, a description can only be an approximation. The description of the phases is exemplary. The order and duration can be different, they can take place simultaneously or alternately. We are human / personality / ego and uressence / spirit / consciousness, accordingly there are invitations to these different aspects of your being in every phase.


The question is always: which invitation do you accept?

The intuitive energy work offers all tools to perceive stagnant and static energies and above all the possibility to use them consciously and freely. Perceiving your LIGHT and letting go of everything that lies in peace makes you AWAKE. If you embody your LIGHT, you decide again and again to be AWAKE and FULL OF LIGHT, you are an example in this world. An example, and permission, for luminous love, enlightened being.


I describe the phases or stages as follows:


  1. Development impulse / courage
    Ego: I will assert myself
    Embodied spirit: I give myself completely
  2. Truthfulness / Vulnerability
    Ego: I am more needy / more vulnerable, or less needy / vulnerable than others
    Embodied Spirit: We are all human and spirit, the experiences are real and impersonal at the same time
  3. Trust / letting go
    Ego: I control the result of my movements
    Embodied Spirit: I trust in life
  4. Forgiveness, compassion
    Ego: Life, the system, this group or this person owes me something
    Embodied Spirit: I am one with unconditional love
  5. Integrity, connection
    Ego: I'm holding back. Reflected in the question: Am I getting enough?
    Embodied Spirit: Freedom in Connection. Embodied in the question: Do I give everything I have to give in this connection (to individuals, to groups, to life)
  6. Clarity, honesty
    Ego: I see your / a behavior / a situation and evaluate or judge you / it
    Embodied Spirit: I see your / your spirit / the wisdom of the situation, bless you and take ownership of my reaction
  7. Gratitude, humility
    Ego: My realization, my spiritual knowledge is special (I am enlightened (he), "further"
    Embodied Spirit: I am infinitely grateful for my share of divine knowledge. I am connected to everything
  8. Grace, enlightenment
    Ego: This experience is beyond me. I want to hold onto this experience, make the state static, that is what I am (on a personality level).
    Embodied Spirit: I enjoy the infinity of the moment and trust in grace

Use the tools you have. Flow your energy.


HELLO soul, HELLO embodied soul.