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In the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix: Interview with Randy Hansen

by Marian Quantity,

Nowadays tribute chapels are a dime a dozen. From the Stadtfest cover band to the meticulously copied bombast event, there is nothing that has not already existed. But who invented it? It was Randy Hansen, the creative administrator and impersonator of Jimi Hendrix, who is coming up with a new album these days after a long break.

A Sunday afternoon in Cologne, an apartment like from the sixties: Randy Hansen welcomes me for an interview in the kitchen of an old friend, which fittingly doesn't seem to have changed since the hippies' heyday: the smell of grass, the old (original) tour posters on the walls, the batik cloths that only barely hide the presumed chaos on the shelves, the unmade dishes in the sink ... And in the background - of course - Bob Dylan is running.

Randy Hansen is sitting at the kitchen table with an acoustic guitar and jingling around, looking at the G&B books he brought with him, looks like Jimi Hendrix in 50Cent clothes and starts many of his sentences with "Jimi was ..." or "Jimi had ..." or " If Jimi were still alive ... ".

But it is by no means the case that Randy Hansen, who for decades "out of the panic that the man has disappeared from the earth and that there is no one to represent him" has committed himself to the oeuvre of Jimi Hendrix and the guitar playing of the master like no one else can imitate just something to say about his great idol.

Because Hansen is a versatile, independent guitarist with a style and a musical vision that are deeply rooted in the 60s / 70s and - which seems to be much more important to him - a man who thinks about things and does something has to say.

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