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Sports show before the end? DFL boss Seifert leaves the future open in the new Bundesliga TV contract

Before the final whistle of the current Bundesliga season, the DFL wants to have the TV contract fixed for 2021 to 2025. DFL boss Seifert left it open whether the ARD icon Sportschau will continue to be seen: "The Sportschau is not under nature protection."

The German Football League wants to have the media rights to the Bundesliga for 2021 to 2025 signed and sealed before the end of the current season. As DFL director Holger Blask said on Wednesday at the Spobis congress in Düsseldorf, they wanted the rights sale "to have taken place in May". The preparation is "in the last few meters". And there is a risk of losing a traditional program on German television!

The DFL wanted to announce the tender "As of February," explained Blask. But the decision of the Federal Cartel Office is still necessary, said the DFL manager. For reasons of competition law, the Bundesliga has to coordinate with the authorities. Christian Seifert, chairman of the DFL, also confirmed on Wednesday at the German Media Congress in Frankfurt that the DFL had “not set a sales target” for the tender. 4.64 billion euros from the contract from 2017/18 to 2020/21 would have to be exceeded.

Bundesliga wants to earn more money with TV rights

"As a sports league, you assign rights every few years and hope for new technologies and new bidders and make an invitation to tender," said the 50-year-old. “That won't be the case in the next few years. Substantially new technologies will no longer come onto the market. ”G5 technology is just a further development of mobile communications. “Sports leagues are less and less likely to just sell rights in the hope that the sum will increase. You will have to offer more and more content for the media partners“, Said Seifert.

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If she ARD- “Sportschau” will still be on view in 2021, he left open. “The big difference between the sports show and the pug bat is that the sports show is not under nature protection,” said Seifert. “What we can only say is that there will always be highlight reporting in a timely manner. This is also what the cartel office demands. The "Sportschau" is a class partner. She is one of the great iconic brands of the ARD like the "crime scene".

Seifert criticizes Sportschau

“I believe that the brand has significantly more potential, for example in the digital world. I'm not that far away from the artistic directors, ”said Seifert. “We are very satisfied with the sports show, including how it is done. But we do not advertise the sports show, nor do we advertise the double pass, but rather the freely receivable highlight rights and no broadcasts. "