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05/15/2021 - Article

Current developments affecting travelers are published here.


On May 13th the coronavirus entry regulation came into force.

A digital entry registration is required to enter Germany.

For air travel to Germany, a test, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery must be presented before departure.This does not apply to persons under the age of six or the crews of the aircraft. The negative test result must be presented to the airline before departure. The tests may take place no earlier than 72 hours before entering Germany (time of the smear test).

Under certain conditions, there is no quarantine requirement for vaccinated and convalescent people.

A "free test" when entering from the high incidence area Argentina is possible after 5 days at the earliest.

The embassy is not authorized to provide information on whether a full vaccination carried out in Argentina is sufficient for exemption from quarantine.

You can find more information about the Corona entry regulation here.

With regard to the currently limited travel options to Germany, please follow the offers on the airlines' websites.

The currently valid entry regulations to Argentina can be found here:

A visa-free entry for purely tourist purposes will not be permitted until further notice.

It is not possible for the embassy to make predictions about the development of travel restrictions.

The ELEFAND crisis prevention list will be continued. If you would like to inform the embassy about your contact details, please register there.

Answers to the most common questions

Domestic travel is possible with restrictions, but may have to be registered online.
Please note the information on the website of the Argentine government:

or the information on the websites of the respective provinces.

Please also note the local regulations on curfews etc.

Through the Disposición 1714 of the Argentine immigration authority "Migraciones" of March 18, 2020, tourist visas were automatically extended by 30 days after the normal expiry of the tourist visa.

With further dispositions, this regulation was extended by a further 30 days, but only as long as international travel was severely restricted.

These extensions have now expired.

For legally binding information on the Argentine visa and residence law and for extensions of expired residence permits, please contact the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones:

If you want to leave the country on an expired tourist visa, you may need a "habilitación de salida". Information on this can also be found under the link above.


A preliminary check by the embassy to determine whether requirements have been met in individual cases is neither necessary nor possible. The check as to whether the entry requirements to Germany have been met is carried out exclusively by the competent border authority (Federal Police).

As a matter of principle, the embassy does not issue individual certificates that the entry requirements are met, even if this is advised by airlines and other agencies if requested.

A general certificate can be found here

Dates for applying for a passport are currently booked out in advance for a long time.

Entry into Germany and the EU is permitted with a passport that has expired up to a year.

In urgent cases, please email the embassy passport office
([email protected])

Here you will find information from the Federal Police on the recognition of ID documents:

The Elefand platform continues to be the Federal Foreign Office's crisis prevention list. We urgently recommend all German citizens who have their place of residence in Argentina and who will be there for a long time to register here so that the embassy has their current contact details. You can also register with a short-term stay and update the data if necessary.

Please do not use ELEFAND to register for a return flight as no further flights are planned.

Please contact the Argentine Customs to apply for an extension of your TIP (Mr. Daniel Goméz). Explain your situation and attach the following documents:

  • Photo of the automobile with visible license plate
  • Proof of valid insurance
  • Previously valid TIP
  • Identity card of the owner

If you are no longer in Argentina, please also add proof of your departure (scan exit stamp).

Availability by email:
[email protected] (Make a copy of the following e-mail address: [email protected])


Information on the TIP regulation (AFIP) can be found here

The embassy can be reached at (+54) -11-4778 2500.

For urgent and acute emergencies, the on-call service is available daily from 6 p.m. to midnight: (+54) 9 11 44 ​​10 72 68, also on weekends.

The consulate is open.

Public traffic finds only after booking an appointment online instead of.

► That Appointment offer the embassy is due to the current situation very reduced.

► Appointments appear online with a maximum lead time of 12 weeks.

► Appointments can be booked up very quickly and may have to be canceled at short notice due to the development of the situation.

We ask you to refrain from inquiries about the appointment situation.

Urgent appointment requests due to an emergency situation must be justified in detail. In this context, we would like to point out that German citizens can, if necessary, enter Germany with a recently expired German passport.

The consulate can be reached for email inquiries. Due to the very high number of email inquiries, it can take a few days before you receive an answer.

You may find the answer to your question in the homepage information or in the FAQ, please review it before you send us an email.

Embassy staff are also restricted by the pandemic and may themselves be affected. Depending on the situation, it may happen that appointments have to be canceled at short notice and public traffic is suspended.

Entry into Argentina is currently only permitted to Argentines and persons with a residence permit (DNI) in Argentina, or a valid visa, as well as their registered (spouses) partners and first-degree relatives.

For unmarried partners, a notarial declaration on the partnership may be sufficient. The Argentine consulate responsible for the place of residence provides more detailed information on its website under “Requisitos para el ingreso a la República Argentina”.

For entry and exit, an affidavit in electronic form is required, which must be submitted in electronic form 48 hours in advance.

Information and online forms can be found in English and Spanish on the website of the Argentine Immigration Office.

For other entries (only in urgent emergencies), as far as we know, a special permit / special visa is currently required, which must be arranged at the responsible Argentine consulate in the home country.

A visa-free entry for 90 days for purely tourist purposes is currently not possible again.

Please understand that neither the German embassy nor an Argentine consulate in Germany can confirm whether the requirements for a visa-free entry exist in a specific individual case.

This is the sole decision of the Argentine border authorities (Migraciones). Please refrain from queries in this regard.

After entering the country, you have to go into domestic isolation; you can continue your journey from Ezeiza to your inner-Argentine place of residence.

An exemption can possibly take place by means of negative tests.

Please note the information provided by the local Argentine health authorities.

Quarantine regulations vary from place to place and change frequently.

Driving to the airport to leave Argentina is not a violation of quarantine regulations unless you show symptoms.

Please note that an arrival with a change in Brazil is only recommended if the transit area is in Sao Paulo Not is left. Only in this case, entry from Argentina via Brazil to Germany is not considered entry from a virus variant area. The journey from a virus variant area is subject to considerable restrictions.

Further information is available from the German Embassy in Brazil.