What is the maximum grant for articles

Student funding

The amount of the scholarship is calculated according to the guidelines of the BMBF and amounts to a maximum of € 744 / month for study grants. In addition and regardless of the parents' income, a flat-rate study fee of € 300 / month is given. This is intended to finance the expenses of the scholarship holders that do not serve the standard of living, but the realization of study-related projects and purposes, such as learning aids and aids (e.g. books, hardware and software), language courses, relevant specialist conferences as well as congress visits and excursions.

If the scholarship holder has health insurance himself, a monthly allowance for health insurance of up to € 84 and for nursing care insurance of € 25 can be granted. Voluntarily statutory or privately insured students over the age of 30 can increase the subsidy amount by up to € 155 for health insurance and by up to € 34 for long-term care insurance. In addition to the basic grant, a family allowance of € 155 per month can be paid if at least one child living in the household has custody rights.

Studying with a child: Married and unmarried scholarship holders (including single parents) with at least one child who has not yet reached the age of 14 and lives in the same household receive a monthly child care allowance in addition to the above-mentioned benefits (€ 140 per child). This rule only applies if the other parent does not receive a childcare allowance.