What is Jammu

India and Pakistan argue over who should the Jammu and Kashmir regions belong to. In the past, India and Pakistan were ruled by Great Britain and called "British India". In 1947 the two countries became independent from Great Britain and formed as two different states.

In Pakistan, the majority of the population is Muslim and India is home to many Hindus. The then ruler of Jammu and Kashmir was a Hindu and decided that the two regions should belong to India. However, the majority of the population is Muslim, as in Pakistan. Many believed that Jammu and Kashmir should therefore belong to Pakistan. Tribal fighters came from Pakistan to fight the Indian army. They are supported by the Pakistani Army.

The UN dispatched a peacekeeping mission to the region in 1949. In addition, cashmere was divided. India and Pakistan are not satisfied with this because they want the entire region to belong to them. The UN called for a referendum so that people can decide for themselves what Kashmir should belong to. India never allowed this referendum.

The Indian government is accused of failing to treat the people of Kashmir fairly. The Pakistani government is of the opinion that Kashmir must belong to Pakistan, since the majority of the population there is Muslim. The government cannot accept that Kashmir can also be a state of India.