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Mon Mothma just before the Battle of Endor

Mon Mothma played one of the most important roles in the fight against the regime of Emperor Palpatine, after whose overthrow she became the head of state of the newly founded New Republic.
Mon Mothma was born as the daughter of the governor of Chandrila 48 years before the Battle of Yavin and grew up in a port city near a Solber Sea. She experienced a lot of love in her family, but she was trained to be a politician and diplomat at an early age and after just a few years had a strong instinct for leadership, good knowledge of administrative matters and a great talent for organization. She was a capable politician from a young age and was named Senator for her homeworld Chandrila. At the time, she was the youngest female senator in galaxy's history.
Mothma observed Palpatine critically at the beginning of his reign as Lord Chancellor and was one of the few who wisely but cautiously questioned his official acts.
Mothma observed Palpatine's rise and his increasing power critically and noticed how Palpatine continued to restrict the power of the senators through emergency powers, which he supposedly needed to better control the raging clone wars in the galaxy.

Since Mothma was not the only one who was dissatisfied with Palpatine's style of government, she felt it was time to take public action against Palpatine's clone warfare policy and to persuade him to give up some emergency powers. So she and Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan formed the Delegation of the Two Thousand.
Because of her overt behavior, she made herself an enemy of Palpatine and was sentenced to death after the republic was transformed into the Galactic Empire, so she went into hiding for some time to avoid being found.
But Mothma did not think of giving up. She toured dozens of planets across the galaxy seeking help to form a rebel alliance. Due to her diplomatic skills she pulled some planets to the side of the imperial opponents, but she was not able to maintain permanent stability in the rebellion on her own. Mothma's biggest problem, however, was still the lack of capable leaders, but this was resolved by the addition of the Altrivis Sector, which brought a number of new members into the rebellion.
Now the three greatest members of the rebellion, Bail Organa, Garm Bel Iblis and Mon Mothma signed a treaty called the Corellia Accord. The aim of this alliance was to restore democracy as it existed in the Old Republic - if necessary by means of violence. The rebel alliance was born.

Mothma was chosen by the members of the rebel alliance as head of state of the allied government, but at first she hesitated to accept this title because she now had to control several planets and governments and was not up to the challenge. Eventually she accepted the post and drafted a declaration that strongly criticized the Emperor.
This declaration hit the senators in the Imperial Senate like a bomb and dozens of planets joined the rebellion and announced that they would represent them in the Senate. However, it never came to that, as Palpatine unceremoniously dissolved the Senate as a reaction to the sympathy wave for the rebel alliance.

Mothma made the military support of all systems integrated into the alliance the main task of the rebellion in order to be able to defend itself against the strongly superior empire at least to a certain extent. With her Minister of War, she even planned attacks on the Imperial Armed Forces herself, as the rebel fleet slowly became a serious enemy with the accession of the Mon Calamari.

When the Rebel Alliance learned of the Empire's plans to build a planet-wrecking superweapon, Mothma worked with Bail Organa to develop strategies to get the superweapon's blueprints. Several of these actions failed until the rebel agent Kyle Katarn managed to steal part of the plans and pass it on to the rebel leadership.

The subsequent successful deployment of Bria Tharen completed the incomplete data for Katarn. So later, with further plans procured by Princess Leia Organa, a plan of attack could be developed that ultimately led to the destruction of the battle station.

The hero of this battle, a pilot named Luke Skywalker, discovered a remote planet called Hoth a little later, on which the Rebel Alliance established a base. However, Mothma stayed with the main Alliance fleet.
Mon Mothma towards the end of the Clone Wars

As if the fight against the mighty Empire of the Alliance weren't causing enough worries, the rebels broke out in their own ranks, and Mon Mothma was now increasingly criticized by her followers. With power over innumerable star systems, they feared that Mothma himself would become some kind of emperor.
The situation was made worse by the dismissal of General Bel-Iblis, who was removed from his post by Mothma during the Battle of Milvayne for refusing to carry out your plan of attack because he feared too many deaths. This dishonorable dismissal led Iblis to protest even more vigorously against Mothma and to fight the Empire on his own. Shortly after this dramatic incident, word from some Bothan spies reached Mothma that the Empire was building a second Death Star near the forest moon Endor. Little did Mothma suspect, however, that Palpatine himself had leaked these plans to the Rebel Alliance in order to destroy them once and for all at Endor.

The entire fleet of the Alliance gathered at Sullust to take orders from the rebel leadership. Despite Palpatine's masterful plan, the second Death Star was finally destroyed with the help of Generals Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, the Emperor died and Mon Mothma was a respected figure again. Shortly after Palpatine's death, word was brought to the Alliance leadership that the planet Bakura had been attacked by an alien species. Without further ado, Mon Mothma sent Luke Skywalker to liberate the planet and move him to join the Alliance. The intruders, known as Ssi-ruusk, were repulsed, but returned shortly afterwards and continued their raids. Mothma then sent a fleet to destroy the invaders, but this found that their forces had already been finally defeated.
Eventually the leaders of the rebel planets signed a proclamation and the New Republic was born.

Under Mothma, the New Republic survived a number of crises, such as the events around Ysanne Isard, but Coruscant was finally conquered and became the seat of government of the New Republic.
Later, the imperial warlord Zsinj attacked the still young republic, but he was killed via Dathomir.
The republic was also able to resist the campaign of the tactical genius Grand Admiral Thrawn with great difficulty, for he too was killed.

An event should, however, considerably weaken the otherwise strong Mon Mothma. Shortly after she gave Master Luke Skywalker permission to set up a Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, she was showered with a drink at a reception given by the Imperial Ambassador Furgan. It turned out that the drink contained a dangerous poison that caused Mothma to become terminally ill. Although she was saved by the Jedi healer Cilghal, her original constitution never returned and Mothma transferred her office as head of state of the New Republic to Leia Organa-Solo.
Mon Mothma spent the last years of her life on Coruscant and finally passed away peacefully shortly after the empire's final surrender. The New Republic had lost one of its wisest and most successful diplomats.

In her memory, a Star Destroyer was named after her, which was to render important services to the New Republic, like its namesake ...

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