What is your sleep cycle

What happens in the different phases of sleep

There are moments between sleep phases when we are almost awake. Waking up is more comfortable for us in these moments than in phases of deep sleep.

This is exactly where sleep phase alarm clocks come in: the alarm clocks sense our almost-awake moments via sensors in a bracelet. The sensors notice this in our movements, which increase in these moments. Then the sleep phase alarm clock wakes us up with a ringing or vibrating, in a period of time specified by us. If the sleep phase alarm clock does not detect an almost-awake state, it will automatically wake us up at the end of the set period to be on the safe side. As a rule, the sleep phase alarm clocks wake you up reliably, but for some people it can also happen that they do not always recognize the moments of superficial sleep.

Sleep tracker alarm clock

Alternatively, there are sleep tracker alarm clocks. With these you can also find out something about the sleep phases, sleep behavior and sleep duration. This can help us optimize our sleep. Sleep trackers are available with an alarm function in the fitness bracelet or as contactless sleep monitoring systems for the mattress.

The main manufacturers

The leading manufacturers of various sleep phase alarm clocks or sleep tracker alarm clocks include aXbo, Philips, Sony and Fitbit. Sleep tracker alarm clocks are not only available from aXbo and Co., but also in the form of smartphone apps. The best known of them is called the Sleep Cycle. Because of the radiation, however, not everyone is willing to put their smartphone next to the pillow for a whole night.

Which model to choose

Which model of the many sleep phase alarm clocks best suits each individual person; the choice depends, among other things, on technological preferences. If you want to find out more before buying, you will find a comparison of the different models here as well as lots of other useful information about the practical alarm clocks.