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Current information about coronavirus

Due to current events, the Alpenverein Austria provides information about its (hut) opening times and the availability of its tours, courses and other services. You can also find out what is currently allowed on the mountain and what is not here.

By Marie-Luise Eckelsberger

You can find the entire COVID-19 opening regulation here. In addition, the current epidemic law and the current information on the coronavirus from the Ministry of Social Affairs here. The Austrian Alpine Association has also created an overview that represents an attempt to translate the current regulation to our situation.

Service point
Our service point has again open.

Everyone is required to wear FFP2 masks, please take your own mask with you! In addition, only one member / customer is allowed to be in the service point at a time and a minimum distance of 2 m from other people must be maintained. The permanently installed disinfectant dispensers are also to be used and our employees ensure regular intermittent ventilation.

Climbing facilities
Our climbing facility on the flak tower has returned openHowever, booking the desired climbing unit is essential and possible here.

Our climbing center Austria and our climbing facility Klosterneuburg open again on May 19th. Please note that the Kletterzentrum Austria is only open for courses until further notice.

Our suspended climbing courses will continue from May, all course participants will receive information on this by email. The COVID-19 rules of conduct, which are slightly different for each facility, can be found on the respective detail page of the climbing facility (linked above).

Lectures & Events
There are currently no lectures or events, all future dates can be found here.

Alpine club huts
You can find our current hut opening times here.

Courses and tours (outdoor)
Our outdoor courses and tours with overnight stays have been canceled up to and including Thu, May 27, 2021. You can find an overview of our outdoor offers, which can be carried out according to the current status, here.

Until further notice, participation in our events is only possible with valid proof of a low epidemiological risk ("3 G proof")! We will contact all registrations received in this regard. If no valid proof can be presented, participation in events is not possible!

In addition, we generally recommend outdoor sports and exercise, but please note the following basic VAVĂ– rules (as of 7.4.2021):

Please note regional exception regulations that are made depending on the infection rate in individual districts or federal states.

1. Only healthy in nature and in the mountains
Consider the risk of infection for others and the corona-related difficulties involved in rescue missions.

2. Keep your distance - at least 2 meters
According to the law, a minimum distance of two meters from people outside the household must be observed when exercising. This distance can be fallen short of for required security and assistance.

3. Mountain sports only with a maximum of 4 adults
Currently, a maximum of four adults from two different households and a maximum of six minors can be exercised together.
A maximum of ten children and adolescents (up to 18 years of age) to exercise outdoors is currently also permitted. Two additional adult caregivers are permitted, but not compulsory. Such a meeting only requires a prevention concept if it takes place in the context of a club or in non-public sports facilities.

4. Observe the exit regulation
Joint exercise is only allowed between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. and a distance of two meters. Without any distance and also outside of this time, it is permitted to practice sports with people from the common household, life partner or individual closest relatives or individual important caregivers.

5. Refrain from usual rituals
E.g. handshakes, hugs, summit busses, offering water bottles to others, etc.

6. Observe hygiene rules
Especially when several people use sports equipment, wash or disinfect their hands regularly. Take the FFP2 mask and disinfectant in your backpack.

7. First aid
As a first aider, follow the generally accepted first aid guidelines and also use an FFP2 mask and disposable gloves.

8. For car pools, a maximum of 2 people per row of seats
When carpooling with people outside the household, only two people who also wear an FFP2 mask are allowed to sit in each row of seats.
When traveling by public, an FFP2 mask must be worn and the distance of two meters must be kept as close as possible.

9. Outdoor sports facilities
These may only be used for sports that do not involve physical contact in a specific sport and for the duration of the sport. This includes B. climbing in outdoor facilities or ski touring. Pay attention to local regulations and closures during the slope preparation (danger to life!).

Sport-specific recommendations
A) Mountain hiking / mountaineering / ski touring / snowshoeing
Implement the basic rules.

B) Sport climbing (climbing gardens) & outdoor bouldering
1. Implement the basic rules.
2. Regularly disinfect your hands.
3. Do not put the rope in your mouth when clipping.
4. Use your own equipment: quickdraws, belay device, rope.
5. Partner check: Here, the distance of 2 meters can be shortened, as this is necessary for safety reasons.
6. Spotting with a tight-fitting FFP2 mask and subsequent disinfection of the hands.

C) via ferrata
1. Implement the basic rules.
2. Partner check: Here the distance of 2 meters can be shortened, as this is necessary for safety reasons.
3. Waiver if there are already several on the climb and traffic jams are foreseeable.
4. Choose a speed so that you do not run into other people.
5. Do not use via ferratas in the opposite direction.
6. Use climbing gloves.

D) Multi-pitch / alpine climbing / mountaineering
1. Implement the basic rules.
2. A maximum of one rope team at the stand.
3. Partner check: Here the distance of 2 meters can be shortened, as this is necessary for safety reasons
4. Disinfect hands before and after a climbing tour.

E) Mountain bike / touring bike
1. Implement the basic rules.
2. Higher speeds require greater distances when driving one behind the other: 2 meters uphill, 20 meters downhill and on the flat.
3. If overtaking, then quickly and with a minimum distance of 2 meters to the side.

Alpine Club Youth
Youth work in the Alpine Club Youth is now possible again - with restrictions. With the 4th amendment to the 4th Protective Measures Ordinance, the following have been in effect since March 15, 2021 Regulations for extracurricular youth work up to the age of 18:
- May take place outdoors and in closed rooms.
- Test obligation for events in closed rooms. Does not apply to children up to the age of ten. Rapid tests (own application / school) are not valid as evidence.
- The group size is a maximum of 10 people plus 2 carers.
- Several events can also take place in one place, with no mixing of people.
- Compulsory prevention concept.
- The minimum distance of two meters or wearing a protective device covering the mouth and nose area (in accordance with Section 17 (4)) can be omitted if this is provided for in the COVID-19 prevention concept.
- Adult caregivers require a negative result not older than 7 days (antigen test or molecular biological test).

You can find more information and a sample prevention concept HERE (or linked at

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