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Queer knows that (21) : Why do you have to say that you are gay?

I keep reading from celebrities who have come out. Colleagues of mine did that too. Why do you have to keep telling you that you are gay? - Anke, Heiligensee

I remember a cartoon showing two gays in a cafe. One says to the waitress: “Firstly we are gay, secondly we would like two raspberry ice creams with cream.” The message: The urge for self-disclosure knows no bounds in gays, even at the most inopportune moment they impose their sexuality on complete strangers.

Apparently many heterosexuals think like the caricaturist. "Sexual orientation is a private matter!", It is often said - why do gays and lesbians have to communicate their homosexuality at work, when heterosexuals do not speak out about their intimate life in public?

But does someone who identifies himself as homo really share more about his intimate life than all those who identify themselves as heterosexual? Of course not. But how does it come about that homosexuality should be regarded as something completely private, while heterosexuality is of course cultivated in public: from the photo of the wife on the work desk to the appearance in pairs at the press ball?

Making homosexuality public is considered intrusive

While the display of heterosexuality is not noticed at all, making homosexuality public is quickly seen as intrusive. The liberalization that has been won is paradoxically cited as an argument for the fact that homos should hold back: Why do they have to come out annoyingly, since hardly anyone feels more homosexuality than offensive?

Even some gays think that way. They argue that their homosexuality does not determine their entire personality, which is why they do not want to blow that one trait. However, homosexuality is far from being so accepted that you don't have to talk about it anymore. Bullying continues to threaten in schoolyards and in companies. Coming out is a liberation because it puts an end to the game of hide and seek. Those who come out make themselves vulnerable - but not being out can also be risky. Straight people have always tried to blackmail unouted homos. Ole von Beust and Klaus Wowereit were among the prominent threats in German politics.

Homosexuality can only be normal if it gets rid of the shameful and scandalous that the majority society attaches to it. To do this, homos have to make themselves visible as ordinary citizens. The claim that homos come out to every waiter is a homophobic joke.

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This text first appeared in the printed Saturday supplementMore Berlin.

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